What Solutions are offered by I-9 Compliance Software?

Jan 20, 2023
What Solutions are offered by I-9 Compliance Software?
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Form I-9 is a federal form that is required by law. It contains information regarding the identity and eligibility of the employee who wants to work in the United States. The I-9 compliance software helps maintain an audit trail of all employees and ensures they have proper authorization to work in this country.

The process of implementing a high-quality I-9 compliance program is complex. However, with the help of third-party software, it can automate the process. So, if you are wondering what such software will do for your company, consider reading this article till the end.


Form I-9 Compliance - Why is it crucial for Businesses?

Form I-9 is a federal government form used to verify employees' identity and employment authorization. New employees must complete this form within three days of their start date. It helps businesses ensure that they are hiring only authorized workers. 

When an employer hires a new employee, they must complete Form I-9 within three days or face severe consequences for noncompliance.

Here are some of the key reasons, explained briefly - 

1: It Prepares Your Employees 

The first and most important feature of any I-9 compliance software program is that it prepares your employees ahead of time about what is required of them to complete Form I-9. 

This helps employers remember which items still need to be completed in order to stay compliant. A thorough checklist is another crucial benefit offered by digital I-9 compliance software programs, as this makes it possible for you to keep track of all tasks needed for completion.

2: Provides Assistance with the Onboarding Process 

The I-9 compliance software is designed to help employees understand the I-9 process, and it does so by providing reminders and notifying employers when they need to complete each section of the form in an appropriate time frame. The software also helps minimize human error by alerting employers when changes are needed.

3: Always Tracks and Monitors Expiring Documents

The primary purpose of having a Form I-9 on file is to verify that every new hire has been properly authorized to work in the States. If you don't have all your forms up to date, you can be fined or even sued for not complying with federal law. 

With this in mind, digital I-9 compliance software reminds companies to update Form I-9 documents before they expire so they can be aware when their employees' status changes because of an expired document.

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4: Assists Businesses in the Document Archiving Process 

Another benefit of digital I-9 compliance software is that it can assist businesses in archiving. This feature allows employers to automatically notify employees when they need to provide new documents, helping them stay on top of their responsibilities as they undergo an audit. 

The software also provides a convenient paperless solution for companies looking to digitize their records and keep them in one place, making it easy for employees and company officials.

5: The Software Centralizes Reporting

Digital I-9 compliance software offers comprehensive reporting features that help you comply with government audits. The report is generated in a standardized format, so it's easy to understand and follow.

You can use the digital I-9 compliance software to manage your documents and keep them organized. With this tool, you will have all your documents in one place, making it convenient for employees or employers who need to review their documents and other forms related to employment history before completing an application form for new hires or existing employees.

6: Completes the e-Verification Process

E-Verification is an optional feature in I-9 compliance software that allows employers to complete their verification of employment eligibility. It's designed to give employers an extra resource to verify employment eligibility for their employees and reduce errors with manual submission.

E-Verification auto-populates the system with accurate information, reducing the time it takes to submit an initial list of documents, as well as increasing accuracy through -

  • Minimizing data entry errors by allowing users to enter all required fields at once;

  • Automatically populating dependent information like birth dates or last names when they're entered into one field;

  • Providing a search function helps locate records more quickly

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Top Automated Solutions offered by an I-9 Compliance Software

Completion of Form I-9 (along with the Correct Version)

Organizations must complete Form I-9 for all newly hired employees. Employers are responsible for ensuring that each newly hired employee submits Form I-9 in its entirety and with the correct version. 

It includes completing the -

  • Section 1 - which requires information about the identity

  • Section 2 - which requires proof of work eligibility in the US through a valid government-issued document or document number

  • Section 3 - requires completing a form called Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Supplement.

Employee Verification Remotely

Form I-9 can be challenging for organizations, especially those with multiple employees to manage and oversee. 

To help ease this hassle, USCIS allows assigning an authorized representative to complete the task on the organization's behalf if they cannot do so themselves. However, that doesn't ease the administrative burden.

An I-9 compliance software helps organizations complete the process remotely by allowing them to store their employee data in one place securely. You can share the data easily with whoever needs access without losing control over sensitive information.

Retention of the Form I-9s for 3 Years

The Form I-9s should be kept on file by the employer for at least three years after the hiring date or one year after employment ends. If an employer doesn't keep the forms on file, they can face a fine of up to $1,000 per form (or $2,000 if done knowingly). However, this task can be easy when organizations have the I-9 compliance software.

Updating the Form I-9

The Form I-9 needs to be updated over time to reflect changes in employment status, job duties, and employer names. The I-9 compliance software can make changes accordingly and instantly. Employers can also use the software to make other updates unrelated to work authorization documents.

Final Words

Implementing a high-quality I-9 compliance program becomes more manageable when organizations have dedicated software designed for the same. 

Apart from the mentioned points above, the software also maintains an audit trail. It is something essential for I-9 compliance. The ICE agent may request the I-9 audit trail during an inspection. Therefore, ensure getting I-9 compliance software from a trustworthy service provider.

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