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10 Ways Management Can Retain Employees in A Company

Sep 24, 2021
10 Ways Management Can Retain Employees in A Company
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Employees are the gems in your company. Losing a top talent is like losing a gem that will cost you more than you realize. 

Just because there are many new graduates every year, doesn’t mean that you should let go of your present staff members. As we are in a competitive world, finding an employee with talent and is the right fit for the job is a long process. 

The company must make sure that they do not lose team members to keep operations running smoothly. You can do this by making sure that your employees are comfortable and satisfied with their job and working environment. 

In order to retain employees in an organization, here are a few ways or retention strategies that you can implement.

Let us get started!

10 Ways to Retain Employees in an Organization

Here is what an employer can do to stop their employees from seeking jobs elsewhere. Go through the list below to know about these new strategies. 

1. Take Advantage of Technology


Today, technology plays a great role in human resource management. It offers new ways in which management can handle their employees. From handling recruitment, making a better working environment, and even handling outgoing employees, technology has the answer.

More specifically, AI recruitment technology and employee handling platforms are being used in different industries. An AI human resource platform is a technological innovation that can help companies and organizations implement better hiring practices and implement better workplace policies.

AI can help you implement effective retention strategies. AI is helpful in retaining employees because it offers features such as managing employee data. This data is important for the management to get to know their employees on a deeper level. 

This way, the management can immediately address problems that may arise and prevent top talent employees from leaving. Technologies such as AI recruitment technology are slowly paving their way in the human resource management field.

So, taking advantage of its services and benefits is strongly recommended. This way, you can implement data-backed retention strategies. 

2. Friendly Work Environment

This is the easiest way that can help you retain your employees. Employees must like their work environment. Spence, Leiter, Day, and Gilin (2009) gathered evidence supporting the fact that a favorable working environment contributes to employee retention.

Spending a majority of their time at work and not having a friendly environment and favorable company culture would be a disaster. You need to make sure that your employees feel comfortable and can talk to you at any time. Employees don’t jump ship if they have a friendly work environment.

Always be open to a conversation. Make them feel comfortable. Share ideas and chat with them for some time every day and get to know them. 

When your top talent employees are comfortable and satisfied, they will not find the need to look for a new job. Employees need to be happy to work with you for the long term. 

So, make sure that you have a great company culture in your working organization.

3. Flexible Work Hours

Employees get to be hyped up when they find that their timings are flexible. Flexible work hours will help your employees to get the work done but at the same time keep them relaxed. 

Reduced workdays can also make them come to work the next day with a fresh mind. Jobs could be stressful and hectic at times. That is why it is important that you allow your employees to take time to recuperate. 

This will give them immense satisfaction, therefore, improving employee retention rate. To make them work in your organization for a long time, you need to offer flexible work hours with days off on sick days, etc.

4.  Recognition and Rewards

Always recognize your employees. Know what your staff members are good at, and how they get a job done. 

And when you find that they are doing a wonderful job, like keeping in touch with your clients or finishing a task before the stipulated time, make time to appreciate them. 

Appreciation can be done by giving them a bonus or most of the time a simple exchange of appreciative words would be best. Doing things as such will make your employees persist and hope for more.

It encourages them to work harder and at the same time make their fellow team members bring on their competitive side.

5. Opportunities to Grow and Develop

Highly talented people do not wish to remain stagnated. Basically, it is human nature to never be satisfied. They are insatiable.

To feed this, you will have to offer different opportunities for your staff members to grow and develop their careers. 

Help them find their different and hidden talents by offering training and courses on different studies and keep feeding their brain for professional development. 

This will help them to identify their weaknesses and show the way to overcome them. It also adds skills to your employees that could be beneficial for the company as well. 

Encourage them to take part in different activities that help them grow their mind and skills. That is how you retain your employees, by helping them develop their talents.

6.  Healthy Relationship

It is important to have a healthy relationship with your employees. A regular chat or small talk will help you in maintaining one.

You will have to be approachable for your employees to come to you. If they come to you with any problems, you need to assure them that they will be taken care of. 

Giving them this kind of assurance will make them feel safe and satisfied in their workplace. You can also have a group discussion where you can promote employee engagement and share feedback every week with all your employees. 

That way, you can understand if there are any problems or ways for you to improvise.

7. Mentorship Programs

When you hire a new employee, it is always best to offer a mentor for them. That way, your employee will know how things work at the workplace and understand it better.

Having mentorship programs will offer your employees the required guidance, and make them think outside of the box. 

They can offer different, fresh ideas for you to work with. That way, both the employee and the mentor is benefitted. 

It is best if you don’t stop offering mentorship just for the new employees. Rather you can offer this to your existing employees as well. This will make them better and make the organization even better.

8. Wellness Programs

The organization has to make sure that its employees are fit and healthy both mentally and physically. 

In order to make sure of this, you can offer them some wellness programs such as stress management programs, fitness classes, etc. Doing these will keep your employee at peace and work even better.

As an employer, your employees’ health must be your top priority. Taking measures to look after them and offering such wellness programs will make them feel better and work hard for the organization. 

You can even have a small gym or a quiet place in your working environment for people to relax and recuperate. That way they can use that room whenever they feel overwhelmed.

9. Employees Compensation

Recognizing your employees is one thing. But offering them nice compensation is another thing. 

After all the hard work that your staff members have put in, you need to reward them with a nice package that will make their life easier. 

For example, low payments or no payments for an intern itself is not a healthy approach to a business. You need to reward them for their hard work and contribution to the company. 

If your organization is not in a place where they can offer a lot of money to their employees every month, then you can at least think about giving them a bonus from time to time when they have done an excellent job.

Make sure you review and adjust their annual salary regularly and offer the right pay for your employee.

10.  Remote Work Options

The pandemic has made people work from home. And after experiencing this, the idea of going to the office every day makes them sulky.

To change that, you can offer them remote work options. Even if it is not possible every day, you can make them work part-time at the office and part-time from home. 

And allow them to work from home if they feel like it. This will be beneficial for the company as your staff members work from their homes where they are comfortable. This will make them work more efficiently and speed up things. 


Final Thoughts

While seeking new employees for new jobs, do not let go of your existing smart employees. As it is very difficult to find a top talent employee who is also experienced at the same time. Put in more effort to make sure that your employees are comfortable and safe at their workplace to retain them. 

Good luck!

About Author: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!



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