15 Ways to do Employee Appreciation for the End of the Year

Dec 16, 2022
15 Ways to do Employee Appreciation for the End of the Year
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Employee appreciation in the form of rewards and recognition is a part of the growth of both the company and the employee. Everyone who works for a company should be thanked for their hard work and time spent on the job. Receiving appreciation gives satisfaction and raises the confidence to work with a positive thought. A specific "Employee Appreciation Day" is celebrated to appreciate employee performance and contributions. 

Every year on the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day provides businesses with a beautiful opportunity to show appreciation for their most valuable resource—their employees. In other means to get employee feedback towards the company. Even though employee recognition has been around since the beginning, it has only recently gotten more attention because of the "Great Recession" and other professional and economic changes. According to research, organizations with effective recognition frameworks experience a 31% reduction in volunteer applications, and 72% of enterprises feel that employee rewards and recognition or performance review creates good engagement. It could also increase employee morale. These numbers show that your company should do more to show its employees how much it appreciates them and follow the trend.



Every organization like the intranet company depends on its employees to function. No matter the company's service, it is powered by human energy. Employee recognition is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and every company must follow it.

Staff was essential due to the high number of available positions and the low number of willing applicants and potential hires. Make November a month of appreciation or employee engagement progress if you need to tell them how vital they are daily.

This article gives you some ideas for using a "thank you" day to boost the confidence of your employees or GIG workers and help the organization succeed.

15 ways to do employee appreciation end of the year

On Employee Appreciation Day, show your team members how much you appreciate them. Here are a few suggestions that will appeal to everyone in your company.

  • Reward them with Gift Cards and Experiences

Why are gift cards so popular? Instead of giving every employee the same generic t-shirt or water bottle, they allow them to select incentives with personal significance. And if you want to give someone a more distinctive gift as an employee reward, you can't go wrong by giving them a first-rate experience. This might be for the entire team, such as renting out a theme park, booking an escape room, or taking cooking lessons from a skilled chef, or it could be for specific employees, such as paying for a day trip to the spa or lunch at their preferred restaurant.

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  • Sending out the Email or Video of Appreciation

Has your business discontinued regular meetings because of remote or hybrid work, especially post-covid? The team may have found it difficult to meet frequently due to a staffing shortage. Many employees are quite grateful for not having to endure sessions that might have been handled via email; they might be skipping out on the cheerleading break that ought to be included in every team meeting. Sending out the appreciation video personally is a part of employee appreciation, specifically mentioning their contribution, which will bring back good words from employees. 

  • Quite a way of Appreciating Employees

Not all employees are active or extroverted enough to get appreciation from others. Some employees may feel awkward when their accomplishments are publicly recognized because they are introverts. That does not imply that they are unworthy of praise.

You probably already know which employees in your company enjoy more closed-door interactions. The best is to show them your appreciation or performance review in a quiet way which they would certainly appreciate. You can even gift them something important which they would like to accept. Work within their comfort zone to convey your gratitude for the work they perform, both daily and when a particular

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  • Hosting a Charity Event

As a part of Company Social Responsibility (CSR), you can host a special charity event on Employee Appreciation Day. According to studies, people are willing to forgo financial benefits to work for a company that values corporate social responsibility and the environment. Therefore, setting up a CSR drive or an environmental project with charitable donations as a side benefit, giving employees a specific amount to donate, or introducing the idea of matching donations can all help your company's Employee Appreciation Day.

Additionally, points can be contributed to organizations of the employees' choice if you have a point-based rewards scheme.

  • Creating a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation

The bonus survey found that employees want to be recognized by their bosses, and the same number want to be recognized by their peers. This way, you can show people how to treat each other respectfully. Recruit HR needs to present a clear example while hiring candidates. The more you foster an environment where it is expected, the more you become renowned for it. Send the message that you value your employees and want to express this more. Remind staff members that they should reciprocate with one another.

Encourage staff members to alert you if they require assistance. Remind them that we are all in this together and encourage them to applaud one other when appropriate.

  • Offering recognition as a part of Incentives

Although it ought to be a daily practice, showing thanks to employees can also serve as a tool for employers. If the company has a skills gap, recognition may encourage workers to upgrade their skills.

Staff members will look for opportunities to participate when rewarding success is prioritized. Both they and the organization benefit from expanding their skill sets. All they need to get started is some recognition.


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  • Try something Off-beat

In addition to thanking people, giving them incentives, and even bringing in treats, there are other strategies to promote recognition in your company. Try some of these novel techniques.

Using Props is the best way. A fun method to maintain a visual of appreciation is having an employee mascot passed around the workplace anytime someone does something remarkable. Today's version of "I'm the best" is a stuffed animal, obnoxious walking stick, or another sizable accessory at the desk or workstation.

  • Using social media

Social media could play a significant role for rewards and recognition in Employee Appreciation Day. A larger audience can learn positive things about your team by visiting your social media profiles. Instead of posting a picture of yourself outside the staff dining area, boast about it online.

Is another employee recently completed a demanding training? Excellent rating on the business's Facebook page. Potential new workers will want to work for a company that recognizes its workforce since they will feel appreciated and see it. You can use LinkedIn to appreciate your employee on a particular day.

  • Offering Extra Pay with a Break

Taking a break during long hours of work will certainly help your employees to contribute in a better way. You can offer your employee a special break from work along with the pay. You can even take them for lunch and make them feel free while communicating with you. It will help in creating a healthy communication culture.

  • Allowing Employees to Pursue their Passions

It would help if you did not let work take over your employees' lives. Outside work, they ought to have the time and freedom to pursue their hobbies and passions. You can ask them for volunteer work or ask them to work on a solo project. Many companies designate an Employee Appreciation Day where team members can participate in things they've always wanted to. Besides providing a vacation from work, hobbies can assist staff in learning new abilities that will benefit your business in the long run.

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  • Recognizing their Milestones

For an entrepreneur, there are many reasons to rejoice, like reaching sales objectives, introducing a new product, or keeping demanding clientele. Employees anticipate being acknowledged and rewarded for completing significant tasks successfully. However, giving your staff more frequent praise for little triumphs can be a pleasant surprise and cheer them up. Make a balance between praising tremendous accomplishments and praising little ones.

  • Look for different ways in how an Employee would love to get appreciated

Do you know how your employees want to be acknowledged? Give your employees a chance to say what they think by asking for their feedback through pulse surveys and giving them ways to say what they think all the time. Asking employees what kinds of thanks they value the most will help you show them how much you care.

  • Using Employer Feedback

Though gathering employee feedback is essential, your company must act on it. Employees will feel more confident that their ideas matter and that your firm is open to change if you make the adjustments they wish to see.

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  • Creating Peaceful Environment

When it comes to creating a peaceful environment, it is not about just giving it for a day but daily. Reassure that you will provide your employees with a peaceful environment to work in. Mindfulness will help employees solve problems, adapt to changes, and increase empathy for co-workers.

  • Holding a Special Event

Since Employee Appreciation Day is a special day, you can host a special event to make the best use of the same. It will create a special environment and bring all employees together to celebrate. It is the best way of employee recognition.


We have covered the maximum options for creating an appreciation and mindful environment on Employee Appreciation Day. As an entrepreneur, your aim must be to create a friendly and helpful atmosphere in the work culture that would boost employee confidence. Companies that promoted culture assessment of employee feedback, will get new candidates in a faster pace. For recruiting HR, onboarding also becomes easy. Using onboarding software is the best way to onboard or recruit new candidate.



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This article is written by a marketing team member at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of proven HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee communications & engagement, and rewards & recognition. Our user-friendly software increases employee productivity, delivers time and cost savings, and minimizes compliance risk.



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