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3 Ways Employee Mobile Apps Can Help with Crisis Communications

Apr 14, 2020
Mobile Apps Can Helps with Crisis Communications
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Your employees are anxious and looking for clear communications to understand how COVID-19 could affect them. Additionally, many employees are now working from home—many for the first time—making communications even more challenging. A mobile employee app can now help you communicate with remote teams during these challenging times.

Among so many other business disruptions, the threat of the coronavirus has contributed to wide scale employee communication issues. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are looking for effective ways to communicate with remote teams and employees working from home--many of them for the first time.

There’s real risk here. Employees may be (naturally) anxious and worried and are now looking to their company for official updates or announcements. Yet many organizations may not know the best way to push these messages to remote teams, leading to a fragmented, inconsistent communication strategy that may do more harm than good.

One technology that can help is a mobile communication app. Part of a larger employee engagement and communication platform, the mobile app lets you reach employees, wherever they happen to be working using the convenience of their mobile device.


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Here are 3 ways a mobile app can help you improve your communications during these challenging times.


1. Create mobile alerts

Internal communications teams can easily create and push mobile alerts to the entire workforce. This is a great way to reach any employee in order to send announcements, updates, policy changes, or other information. You can also even include SMS messages tied into a town or municipality for official news and updates.


2. Create group lists and channels

You can also create various groups to easily push the right information to the right person at any time. Unlike email or traditional intranets where valuable information tends to slip through the cracks, pushing mobile alerts to employees’ phones is a great way to make sure they get the right information and are always in the know.

Similarly, internal communications teams can use employee communication platforms (such as HR Cloud’s Workmates solution) to create customized channels. In this case, they could create a channel dedicated to any updates or information about the coronavirus, and any employee could access this information from their mobile device.

3. Empower employees

Effective employee communications and engagement platforms also empower employees to find information they may need. For example, our Workmates solution lets any employee make a phone call or send a direct message, text, or email from directly within the app. 

Employees can also access company directories or org charts or initiate one-on-one or group chats within Workmates or another communication tool of their preference. 

All of this empowers employees to easily find people, ask questions, or find specific answers to any question they may have.


Focus on a mobile app

As we all try to navigate the threat of the coronavirus and keep business running as smoothly as possible, it’s essential to communicate with employees working from home. A mobile employee-centric communications app can help remote workers feel informed, educated, and engaged—even during turbulent times like these.


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