5 Proven Strategies to Manage Big Remote Teams

Jul 07, 2021
5 Proven Strategies to Manage Big Remote Teams

Most business owners are required to make certain changes to their business operations to achieve more profits. It is a fact that it is not possible to raise the profits directly, therefore, you need to increase them indirectly. It is not going to be possible without having a specific strategy in place. The only thing that is possible is improving the variables of your business and this can lead to an increase in profits and a higher bottom line.

1. Check on your employees daily:

Being away from the workplace, locked inside the house could take a toll on the mental health of the employees. It could also harm their productivity quite badly. Checking on your employees regularly could help lift their spirits. You could do it via phone calls, video calls, or conference meetings. Whenever you conduct meetings, make sure you take out some moments to greet your employees and ask them about their experiences. You could also give them some time to share and talk about whatever they want to interact with their teammates.


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2. Communication

A major challenge imposed by the work from home culture is communication. The clarity of one-to-one meetings and communication cannot be matched by phone calls or emails. However, you cannot simply lose hope or cut down on communication. It is the most basic requirement for the accomplishment of a project. Try adapting more clarity when you communicate and do not forget to emphasize the important points. Communication is a necessity, not just to get your work done but it also cuts down the depression one might be going through in one's personal life. Give your employees a chance to communicate with you in whatever ways they can. Make sure that your online presence and communication is safe by making use of Geonode Proxies that will take care of this. 

3. Let the technology help:

We just discussed the importance of communication between employees and their employer or manager. Communication is required to bring your employees on the same page on a project and convey the message better. Since you cannot hold one-to-one meetings with them, there is technology to help you. Several applications could help you communicate better with your teammates, at least better than on emails. Slack or Microsoft Teams are some popular applications that are being preferred by employers across the globe. Most of these applications even allow you to share large files.


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4. Flexibility:

A manager must understand that being in the house makes one lose a routine.  It cannot be possible for everyone to be active during the same hours. It is very important to keep everyone's comfort in mind and therefore the work timings must be flexible for the employees. They must be allowed to work whenever they feel the most productive. Creativity and productivity feel like a luxury especially in such hard times when our mental health is at stake. Taking care of it is our responsibility but we cannot let the work not be done. It is just that an employee does not need to stare at a screen for 8 hours straight. Instead, they can accomplish their task, whenever they feel the most productive until the work is being done.


5. Let the result matter not the process:

Like we discussed previously, creativity seems to be a luxury in these times. One does not feel productive or creative at all times of the day. But unless they are doing the tasks rendered to them, just the result should matter and not the hours an employee has worked. 


In the new work from home culture, managing a new team and that too remotely is quite a task. But as a manager, one can follow some steps to ease the work. One must make sure that they check on their employees daily via phone calls or emails or maybe text messages. Communication is a necessity. Make sure you communicate with your teammates and let them interact with each other to uplift their moods. You could use certain applications to interact better with your team and share large files if required. Make sure you are flexible enough to allow your teammates to work whenever they wish to. Also, do not focus on the hours one is working. Just focus on the result that one provides, at least during such hard times. 


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