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Building Up a Workmates Culture: Leave Status

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Keeping Your Workmates In The Loop

How many times have you seen a picture of a colleague on popular social media channel showing her snowboarding or basking in the sun on a beautiful beach before you even knew she’d be out of the office? You may find yourself asking, “Where’s Bob?” or “Will Susan be reachable while she’s out of the office?”

People schedule their vacation at different times. Business trips pop-up with little advance notice. Sick days are mostly unforeseen. When our lives get busy, we don't always clearly communicate to the necessary team members when we’ll be out of the office and whether or not we’ll be reachable during our absence. There has to be a better way of telling colleagues what you’re doing without resorting to those pesky out-of-the-office auto-response emails, right?

Fret not: Workmates has got you covered. It just takes a few moments to update your workmates on a convenient mobile app before you’re officially on leave. One noteworthy function of Workmates that increases both connectivity and efficiency is that it allows individuals to inform their colleagues of their reason of absence in real time. The Workmates app showcases who is out each day and why, whether they’re:

  • Out of the office
  • Sick
  • On a Business Trip
  • On Vacation
  • On Remote
  • On Parental Leave

Workmates can also schedule a leave status for a future date and have that notification show up on a specific date and time. The app also allows for teammates to click on a workmate’s profile to show her list of calendar events.

“This is efficient data, beneficial to both the employer and the other employees,” explains Krishna Surendra Director of Engineering at HR Cloud. “In today’s fast-paced world of business, having this information at your fingertips can be vital, especially when you consider that the attrition rate of disengaged employees is 12 times higher than it is for highly engaged employees.”

When everyone on the team is connected by one system, able to understand what’s happening in real time, efficiency skyrockets. Given the 2.3 billion currently active social media users, connecting teams in way that mirrors their everyday socializing is the best bet for boosting their engagement. Aside from giving you the chance to showcase your dream vacation, the Workmates App makes clueing your coworkers into your plans from your mobile device as easy as clicking a button.

Communication is key; Workmates can increase a team’s connectivity now. Keeping your team informed is the important first step of your time off. So even though your workmates are back at the office, they aren’t lost without you.

Download Workmates today and see for yourself!

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