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How to Organize Your Workspace to Boost Productivity?

Nov 06, 2020
How to organize your workspace to boost productivity?
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You’ve sat at your desk, the computer turned on with emails staring back at you - but your productivity levels are low. You’ve had a good breakfast and are well prepared for the day ahead, so what could be the issue? Have you ever thought your workspace could be hindering your productivity? We’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can organize your workspace to boost productivity and motivation.

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Keep it clear

Have a nice clear work zone; as the saying goes: “A clear space is a clear mind”. Clutter can clutter the mind and take your focus off the job at hand. Are you working from home and staring at a pile of ironing? Remove any distractions from your workspace so you can block out any distractions.

Keep it clear

Don't use your desk as a dining table

Don’t eat lunch at your desk. This is important to remember as eating your lunch at your desk can encourage you to work through your break. Taking a break allows you to recharge and reflect ready to be productive well into the afternoon.

Don't use your desk as a dining table

Go green

Every workspace should have a plant. As well as being a lovely decoration to the area, plants have many health benefits including:

If you’re not much of a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with cacti. They only need watering once a week in spring/summer and every three weeks in autumn/winter and they thrive in natural light.

Go green

Get personal

Personalizing your space can be a real motivational boost. By adding family photographs (you don’t need to add your whole wedding album), but maybe a couple of great memories you can see what you’re working for and what the hours of dedication achieve. Are you working hard for your family (a photo of your children), for your wedding (a picture of your engagement), or for that dream holiday (a picture of the beach)? Whatever you’re sitting at your workspace for, adding a personal touch can encourage a positive vibe.

Get personal

Give tech its own space

This is a big one: Give technology its own place. Keep your phone and tablet in its own place. By keeping your phone separate from your working zone, it will discourage you from picking it up, getting distracted, and breaking your concentration. If you get distracted easily, why not keep electronics in another room? That way the temptation isn’t there to have a quick check of your social media.

Give tech its own space

Keep your printer stocked up

The last thing you want to do is to go and hit print to find you’re out of paper or ink, you can waste so much time trying to get it to use the last few drops in the cartridge. Keep your printer supply topped up ready when you need to use it and keep spare cartridges and paper organized in a box close to your desk. And if you do leave it to the last minute and need your ink in a hurry, visit where you can benefit from free next-working-day delivery.

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