HR Cloud Relaunches its Mobile HRMS App on iOS and Android

Sep 25, 2018
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Our new HR app is here to connect you and employees like never before. Employee onboarding software, ATS, I-9s, company intranet, and all of the features you need are now a tap away. Just add smartphone.

Sometimes there’s a gap between HR and H. How do you bridge it? Face to face meetings work wonders. Emails help. Candy bowls on your desk go a long way.

But even with lollipops, you’re still chasing down employees for signatures. And what about employees down the street, or across the country? If only there was a way to connect and collaborate on HR processes anywhere, anytime...

Oh wait, there is! It’s the new mobile HRMS app from HR Cloud and it’s a little better than lollipops.

Here’s how an app will up your HR game.


The Way to an Employee’s Heart is Through Their Smartphone

You already know. Your employees like their smartphones. Millennials look at their phones 100 times a day and baby boomers aren’t far behind. They probably already use a few productivity apps, so let’s add HR to that ecosystem. Now your workforce can use their phones to complete forms, schedule time off, and engage with HR on their own terms. They’ll appreciate the ease and independence. Maybe they’ll even bring in “thank you” donuts.

Cross your T’s and dot your I-9s

Your onboarding checklist needs some automation. Let us take it from here. Our software and e-signature integration makes it easy and efficient for employees to complete I-9 forms and other new hire paperwork. We’ll guide them through complicated forms and give feedback to ensure all the right boxes are checked. When they’re done, admins can review and countersign their work. And employees can do all this before starting the job, so they might actually get some work done on their first day. Assign tasks, track progress, and review work all from the app. When paperwork is made for mobile, it just gets done faster. 

Stress-free compliance

Federal compliance is kind of important, and it's getting more complicated every day. HR Cloud demystifies regulations so you can stay on Uncle Sam’s good side. With automated reminders, employees and admins alike can stay up to date on due dates, so paperwork gets turned in on time and in good form. And updating employee info is quick and easy so you’ll always be ready for that next audit.

Secure filing

Your customized HR forms and workflows won’t go missing when they’re stored in our digital filing cabinet. Instead of handing out paper and hoping it ends up back where it should, you can rest easy knowing everything is in its right place. And confidential employee info will be kept safe and secure when you use our app.

Constant contact

Throw out your company directory. Burn the rolodex. This app is all you need to keep in touch. Email, call and access social profiles with a tap. Your company hierarchy will be displayed in a sleek visual layout, so new hires and old pros alike can remember who’s who.

Big solutions, little package

It took some work, but we squeezed all of the power of HR Cloud’s human resources software into this little app. It’ll still integrate with our desktop HRMS and other applications, but when you and your employees need HR to go, we’ve got your back. Today’s workforce is dynamic, independent, and mobile. Armed with our app, you can keep up.


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