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If your company is anything like ours, you probably use a multitude of different apps to run your business everyday. This is what's known as the best-of-breed (BoB) trend — organizations using various pieces of software, each designed to fill a specific business need.

At HR Cloud, we're big proponents of the BoB approach. And when it comes to human resources, we believe you should never have to choose between a great software solution and the other apps you already know and love.

That's why we developed and environment where all of your favorite HR Tech can work together! When you invest in HR Cloud, you're not just investing in the best Onboarding software on the market, but a complete digital ecosystem that includes communication, payroll, applicant recruiting and more through our growing list of possible integrations. Intrigued?


An Even Stronger Solution Through Integration

HR Cloud is at the top of its class because we've created an environment where multiple technologies can excel together, every business has its own needs and we make sure that the technology you need is always compatible.

This approach helps us serve our customers and do what we do best: building easy to use HR software and making sure paper processes are a thing of the past. It's better for your business because it gives you the ability to use the software you already know, like and need to run your company.


The HR Cloud Solution: All Your Favorite Apps, Together

Doesn't that just make more sense? We think so! Now, let's dive deeper into a few of the integrations supported inside the HR Cloud ecosystem.



ADP is an industry-leading payroll software solution. HR Cloud's integration with their marketplace gives users the convenient ability to both login to HR Cloud with their ADP credentials and import their entire workforce data into their system with one click.



Checkr, a background screening service, provides its users with a comprehensive set of options to vet new hires including identity and driver checks, criminal records reports and more. Paired with HR Cloud's Onboard, the entire onboarding process becomes much simpler as employee background information is easily verified.



Engagedly is a real-time performance management software system that incorporates ongoing check-ins, goal tracking and 360 feedback. By syncing your company's Engagedly account with HR Cloud, you'll gain access to an intuitive system where new employees are conveniently onboarded and their performance then easily appraised.



If your company use Greenhouse to source, interview and hire new talent, you'll really appreciate HR Cloud's integration with their platform. Once a candidate has been marked as "hired" in Greenhouse, a new employee profile is automatically generated inside the HR Cloud system. Reduce tedious data entry time and streamline the onboarding experience!



Compas is another applicant tracking software system we are proud to partner with. By integrating our two platforms together, users will experience a simple, unified process for discovering and onboarding new employees.


QuickBooks (New)

This is a little sneak peak for you on our newest integration that we are really excited about! QuickBooks by Intuit is the industry leader in business bookkeeping and payroll services. Our integration with their award winning platform eliminates the need for tedious, manual data entry by transferring essential employee information (name, DoB, position, contact details, etc.) collected during the onboarding process directly into your company's QuickBooks account.


To explore our full catalogue of integration possibilities, visit out integrations page.


The Complete HR Solution

HR Cloud is a full-service human resources management system that integrates with many other essential technologies your business uses every day. If you've ever considered HR software for your company, we encourage you to give our solution a try and for our current customers feel free to reach out to learn more about the latest integrations and ones we are about to announce!

Our sales team is always ready to further expound on the benefits of our software, answer any questions you may have and set you up with a free 14 day trial. See for yourself the company transforming power of HR Cloud!

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HR Cloud is a leading developer of HR software & HRMS solutions for small and medium size businesses that have high turnover. HR Cloud's Onboard is market leading technology for effective new hire onboarding and Workmates enables employee engagement simply and easily. Founded in 2012, our HRIS empowers teams to easily onboard new hires, manage employee data, create a company social network and support employee development.

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