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HR Cloud + ZipRecruiter: A Match Made in Recruitment Heaven

Jul 19, 2018
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After having built the number one rated job search app on both Android and iOS and amassing an astonishing email list of 40 million subscribers, it's safe to say that ZipRecruiter is doing something right.

That's why we're excited to announce HR Cloud's partnership with the employment finding powerhouse! Together, our two platforms provide companies with a fool-proof and streamlined system for finding, vetting and onboarding their latest hires.


A Better Way to Hire

HR Cloud is always seeking to meet the needs of our customers and provide intuitive solutions to their most pressing problems.


This philosophy led us to create Recruit: our stellar applicant management software system that helps HR departments succeed at building a strong, motivated and diverse workforce with less hassle.


Complete with customized job boards and hiring portals; automated communication features like personalized offer letters, and intuitive reporting capabilities; our ATS solution really is a complete, one-stop-shop for all your hiring needs.


But then we thought, "what if we made Recruit even better?" and an exciting new partnership was born!


The ZipRecruiter Effect

By partnering with our new, recruitment-expert friends, we're now able to offer our customers the best talent-finding solution on the planet!


Once you've decide the position(s) your company needs to hire for and built out your custom career page with Recruit, you can then post your job listing — for FREE! — on ZipRecruiter; giving you uninhibited access to millions of potential job seekers.


As a Recruit user, you'll also have access to TrafficBoost, which is a premium ZipRecruiter feature that enables companies to find the talent they need, faster.


With TrafficBoost you'll get:

  • 30 days of premium job promotion...
  • Featured listings in our daily job alerts (sent daily to over 40 million job seekers)
  • Up to 100 additional visits to your job posting
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you want to find the absolute best talent for your business, you need to go where that talent is. And that's ZipRecruiter.


Find Your Next Superstar Employee

Ready to start making better hiring decisions? Explore the HR Cloud + ZipRecruiter integration today!


We're sure you'll love the ease and convenience you'll experience when the full power of both of our platforms are at your fingertips.


Still have questions? Our team is standing by to answer them! Please give us a call or send us an email for more information on how HR Cloud and ZipRecruiter can help you streamline your hiring process.


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