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Nov 01, 2017
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As companies are expanding in terms of size and number, Human Resource management is gradually becoming more complicated. As the number of employees increases, organizations cannot afford to lose track of what each employee is doing and how they’re contributing to the growth of the company. HR Software, also known as HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) is essentially a centralized database that is used to track, monitor, and streamline a company’s human resources. HR Software usually works on the cloud and contains all information pertaining to every single employee like their personal details, designation, medical information, tax information, timesheet, payroll, progress, reviews, etc. There are many good HR Software available in the market but here are 7 outstanding ones, along with their features and advantages:

  1. ADP:

ADP is an HR and Payroll Software targeted towards small and medium-sized companies. Major features offered by ADP include Managed Payroll, Statutory Compliance Services, Payroll on Cloud, and HCM on Cloud. They also provide services to large and multinational companies.

ADP combines powerful technology with human expertise to create a comprehensive HR solution. It’s highly secure and can seamlessly adapt to enterprises of all sizes, belonging to any industry. ADP has Payroll Outsourcing that will manage all payroll aspects like Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax, Labor Welfare Fund, etc. Payroll Outsourcing has a dedicated team who will accurately manage payouts, reimbursements, etc. without you having to intervene.

  1. Sage:

Sage HRMS is a customizable software offered to small and medium-sized enterprises. Sage provides ACA Decision Making, performance management, and complete payroll management in a streamlined interface. They also offer good business support service in the form of technical assistance, education, and access to an excellent knowledge-base. Sage is a complete solution for HR Software, Payments System, and most importantly, ACA Decision Making, helping employees engage more with each other.

Sage offers smart systems for hiring and retaining skilled employees. You can also connect with partners, industry peers, and Sage pros online to get the most out of your Sage system.

  1. Gusto:

Gusto is mainly a Payroll software that enables easy and managed payouts which also includes the HR module. An interesting feature of Gusto is that it automatically submits payroll taxes. It also manages year-end forms, ACA Compliance, Time-off Calculations, etc. It has a user-friendly interface and easily integrates with most popular accounting software

The first advantage of using Gusto is its automated payroll system that requires a one-time setup. Then it handles all aspects of Tax Filings, Employee Pay stubs, W-2s etc. All new hire information regarding personal and professional details are stored in the database and will be available throughout its lifetime. Gusto is available at a very affordable price so startups and small business can get the most out of it.

  1. HR Cloud:

HR Cloud is the all in one paperless solution that takes care of your team and provides an easy to use system to bring new talent into your company. With automation and easy to use forms, HR Cloud’s Onboard streamlines the entire onboarding process. Their market leading product Onboard is an employee self service onboarding portal that assigns tasks to new employees to deliver necessary information to the organization such as filling out I-9 or W-4 forms. Onboard has a user-friendly interface that has the ability to include videos, content, various documents for the employees and an interactive Org Chart.

Onboard is perfect for employers in high turnover industries and its new integrated WOTC processing helps fill a lot of gaps for small businesses. Onboard is fluidly combined with HR Cloud’s Workmates that increases employee engagement. Workmates feature set includes a company directory, an internal social feed to communicate and mobile application that is available in both app stores. HR technology providers such as ADP, Greenhouse, Checkr and newly added COMPAS have integrations with HR Cloud.

  1. BambooHR:

BambooHR is designed to suit both start-ups as well as medium-sized enterprises. It enables the company to work together towards their goals while handling cumbersome HR management tasks. Bamboo acts as a hiring assistant and has useful features like smart reminders and easy management of workforce reports from a centralized database.

It makes the work of the HR dept. less cumbersome as they no longer need to go through endless spreadsheets and reports. The software is available for a free trial of 7 days if you’re planning to deploy BambooHR for your start-up or full-fledged enterprise.

  1. Namely:

Namely HR Software is designed as an all-in-one platform that’s both employee and management friendly. Employees can view and manage their data while using this software as a platform to communicate with fellow employees.

The Namely Payroll system also offers additional employee benefits such as accident coverage, health insurance, tax savings etc. Namely’s Talent Management system assists the Human Resource team to effectively manage the onboarding and performance analysis process with less burden. It also provides powerful features like mass editing of employee database, smart reporting, and scheduling, etc.

  1. Zoho HR:

Zoho HR is a complete online HR solution that tracks all activities of a company’s human resource, and stores the data securely. All activities of employee management like timestamps, leave approvals, ratings, personal and professional data are stored in a centralized database that is accessible from a common dashboard. With additional features like goal setting and reminders, performance analysis is simplified.

To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, Zoho HR features Employee Self-Service where each employee can view and edit their personal data. Automatic alerts are sent to the HR personnel to notify them of the changes. Employees can also access their attendance log and check if there are missed days. Thus, there is no need to chase HR staff for minor corrections. Zoho HR also has a mobile app that lets employees access their data on the go and connect with each other during vacations or absenteeism.

  1. WebHR:

WebHR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing model based HR software that manages almost all aspects of human resource management. It works as the primary workplace HR tool and eliminates the need for outsourcing payrolls and maintaining volumes of spreadsheets and data.

WebHR uses AI for managing HR activities. It has a myriad of services, the most important being performance maintenance, scheduling and leave management. They also have special benefits like signature and surveys for improved employee-management interaction.

Bottom Line:

A well-designed HR software is extremely important for any business, and one of the above-mentioned software may suit your requirements. People are the real assets of your company, therefore you must carry a tool to manage them efficiently. So, choose wisely!

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