Mar 03 2020

5 tips to Improve Company Culture

An organization’s company culture is something that every employee looks at. People look for a positive, healthy work environment to come to work every day. 

Initially, an organization should understand their values and what they want their culture to be; the image they want to share of themselves to others and what they need to do in order to achieve or maintain that image. 

Establishing this ahead of time as well as values and company goals will set up your business for success. 

Have you worked at a corporation in which they didn’t care about your development, didn’t recognize your good performance but only paid attention when you did not perform well? Most of these businesses typically just use employees as a resource and don’t necessarily value employees’ contributions.  

Companies that want to support their employees, encourage leadership in their employees, and strive for their employees to be productive, have a well-developed company culture that is positive and encourages employees to take the initiative for their own success!

Businesses with well-developed company culture are more likely to succeed and have happier employees.

If you are looking for ways to improve your company culture, consider taking the following actions:


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Feb 19 2020
Struggling to Unify Your Work Teams? Here's How Technology Helps

Struggling to Unify Your Work Teams? Here's How Technology Helps

The success of any business is contingent on its ability to unite its people toward a singular vision. For businesses with a burgeoning workforce or customer base, especially, your ability to stay connected in your work—across departments, throughout leadership hierarchies and with fellow colleagues—is the best way to ensure continued success as you grow. 


Human Resources departments, in particular, play a crucial role in unifying their work teams. As the bridge connecting every auxiliary department within the organization, HR professionals are often the only people who actively communicate with others outside of their own department. But when you’re already bridled with your day-to-day work, the added responsibility of maintaining a united front is, to say the least, a daunting task. 


That’s why many HR professionals today have resorted to better technology to aid them in their journey toward a more unified work front. We’ve taken some time to list some recent technology innovations to help you learn more about how these services can enable a more connected workforce across your entire company.


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Sep 26 2019
blog examples

3 Company Intranet Examples and Why They Work to Improve Company Culture

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a corporate intranet by now. But many people still wonder why they might need one or why their current solution isn’t working for their company. You may be surprised to learn that modern internet solutions have evolved beyond traditional webpage frameworks to offer more functionality and deliver a wide range of new benefits.

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Jul 24 2018

9 Surprising HR Stats You Need to Know

Modern businesses are driven by analytics and the right course of action is often determined by the data and statistics available. Human resources is no different.

In this blog, we'll discuss nine surprising HR stats that you need to know and how each of them can be used to improve your company.

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Jul 12 2018

Top Employee Burnout Symptoms and How to Prevent Them

Employee burnout is increasing in the American workforce. In fact, according to multiple studies and surveys, as much as 50% of American workers feel overworked and under appreciated in their jobs.

This is a concerning number, obviously. And definitely something worth analyzing, and addressing if need be, within your own organization.

In this post we'll define exactly what job burnout is, how your HR department can better recognize the signs, and how to best prevent it inside your workplace.


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Jul 03 2018

4 HR Lessons from the Gig Economy

Those crazy millennials are up to it again. First, avocado toast. Now, changing the face of the economy and the nature of employment. What shenanigans will they engage in next?

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