Jul 17 2017

Championing A Workmates Culture

Are you an early adopter?

Do you like discovering and utilizing new technology?

Are you always on the lookout to improve processes, communication or recognition at work?

If so, you will be thrilled to see what Workmates can do.

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Jul 06 2017

Will E-Verify Become Mandatory?

E-Verify is the government’s system for determining if people are eligible to work in the United States. At the moment, in most states, the use of E-Verify is optional. Will that change? Will E-Verify become mandatory and, if so, what should HR do?

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Jun 09 2017

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Tech Team Happy

Retention is an often-overlooked part of hiring new developers. The necessity of keeping talent around is regularly overshadowed by the recruitment process itself. If retention is poor, employee turnover will grow — creating an inefficient loop of having to find new talent before you’ve finished filling the last position. A dangerous situation, in a field where skilled developers are more in-demand by the day.

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May 25 2017

What's New From Workmates?

We are continually investing in our software. We're always rolling out changes that improve Workmates and solve enterprise problems, increase security as well as designed beautifully. And, of course, they're bug free, too.  We know reading version notes in the app store isn't your idea of stimulating reading, so we try to communicate our innovations in other ways. These are enhancements that you can feel, see and touch, and Workmates is getting richer with every new release.

At HR Cloud, we practice what we preach, which means we use Workmates to enhance our company culture just as we encourage you to do the same for the benefit of yours.

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May 23 2017

HR Cloud Releases Two Apps into the ADP Marketplace

Simple and Powerful Apps that Foster Culture and Increase Productivity

If your company uses ADP for payroll, taxes, HR, etc. you’re in good company. Thousands of businesses entrust their workforce data to ADP everyday. But have you ever wondered how you could put your workforce data to use beyond ADP’s product? Welcome to the ADP Marketplace. Building atop ADP’s API, software companies can now build products powered by your workforce data, breathing new life into your information. And now HR Cloudhas entered this rich marketplace with its Onboard and Workmates applications.

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May 01 2017

HR Cloud Debuts Workmates at Collision Conference in New Orleans

 EL SEGUNDO, CA -- May 2, 2017 HR Cloud, a leading developer of HR software, HRMS business solutions and pioneers of Onboarding software with a focus on effective employee engagement, today announced the creation of the Workmates app. Workmates is a simple and powerful solution that supports team engagement, collaboration and productivity for modern enterprises.

Making its debut at the 2017 Collision Conference in New Orleans, Workmates is a free mobile app and web application that merges human resources information in the form of a company directory with internal social profiles. Workmates makes company-wide communication fluid through social posts about office announcements such as:

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