Jul 29 2015

3 Huge Benefits of Building Virtual “Water Coolers”

One of the aims of any well-planned onboarding program is ensuring that new hires forge connections with existing employees. This paves the way for effective working relationships. It also, in a very human way, reinforces the company culture, as current employees will demonstrate the values, beliefs, and behaviors embedded within the organization. Here’s how you can make sure employees develop lasting connections when they start their new job.

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Jan 28 2014

What Makes Employees Tick?

You may find a candidate that looks great on paper to fit your open requisition. The interview may go really well and it looks like you've got yourself the perfect hire. But what about their motivation to succeed? Is the candidate going to get in there and knock it out of the park? How can you be sure you've really made the best hire?

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Jan 21 2014

Stack Ranking to Evaluate Performance - Good or Bad Idea?

Stack ranking, an employee grading system often referred to as “rank and yank” is making headlines again with Microsoft recently announcing it is doing away with the practice. For as long as the practice has been around it’s sharply divided critics and supporters.

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