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Why is Employee Involvement Important in Times of Uncertainties?

Why is Employee Involvement Important in Times of Uncertainties?
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In this ever-changing business dynamic, your company is likely to face changes and uncertainties due to mergers, market shifts, or acquisitions. It can create significant stress on employees and leaders of the company, which is why it's more than necessary to keep the employees engaged and harbour a positive environment. This boosts employee morale, enhances productivity, and increases employee retention.

You can ensure employee involvement with soft skills activities within the company for skill development of the employees. In this article, we'll cover eight ways to make sure you have high employee engagement, even in times of uncertainty.

8 Ways to Increase Employee Involvement During Uncertain Times

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  • Have a Frequent and Clear Communication

Uncertainties are known to cause extreme anxiousness for employees, leaving them drained and stressed about what their future holds for them. In such scenarios, employee involvement becomes crucial; hence, keep updating your team with the company goals, plans, and strategies, and be transparent about any changes taking place in the company.

For effective employee involvement, conduct regular feedback sessions to listen to your employee's concerns and thoughts regarding the uncertain period. You can easily send out polls and surveys through our employee engagement survey software which can help to create a sense of openness and fosters a community of trust where your employees feel valued and are likely to stay committed to the organisation. 

  • Give Proper Coaching and Training

The next step in engaging your employees is to create a proper training and coaching environment where your employees can foster development and build their skills to excel in their jobs. By providing employee training methods, the employees feel like the organisation values them and their potential. You cannot underestimate the impact of training and development on employee performance, as they'll feel positive about the organisation's willingness to invest in their development, resulting in more engagement.

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  • Provide Resources and Support

Changing and uncertain times call for increased support and resources from the managers and leaders of the company to the employees. Leaders need to be genuine and empathetic in their care and concern for employees, as the situation can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

Encourage employee involvement in these times by providing employee assistance programs like support services or counselling. You can even conduct development and training sessions for employees to help them acquire new skills to adapt to the changes.

  • Reward Your Employees

Uncertain times can definitely make even the best employees doubt their talent and skills. To encourage employee involvement, you need to show your employees that their hard work is appreciated and reward their contributions to the company. This can include giving them promotions or bonuses or verbally praising them. Proper recognition boosts morale, which can significantly impact your employee's productivity and loyalty toward the company.

Additionally, you can utilize our employee recognition and rewards software to make peer-to-peer rewards and recognition fun and create a culture focused on teamwork and excellence.

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  • Nurture a Positive Work Environment

For employee involvement, it's incredibly essential to facilitate a positive work environment that's supportive, respectful, and inclusive. Make sure there's an excellent teamwork factor between employees to encourage a work-life balance and provide equal opportunities for development and growth.

As a leader, focus on creating positivity in the workplace during uncertain times by building a positive environment and giving constant constructive feedback that can effectively improve the quality of everyone's work.

  • Foster Adaptability and Flexibility

Providing engagement training and development to employees during times of uncertainty or changes can help foster adaptability and flexibility. This encourages a positive change and splurge of openness to new ideas and changes as employees adapt and acquire new skills.

  • Empower and Involve the Employees

To increase employee involvement during times of uncertainties in the workplace, it's crucial to involve your employees in the processes and decisions taken by the company rather than simply imposing changes on them. This is the time to fully leverage their talents and skills and delegate authority to them to encourage accountability, enhance ownership, and make them feel valued.

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  • Share Learning Moments

Lastly, in addition to employee engagement training and development, sharing your broadened learning experiences with your staff can also increase employee involvement during times of uncertainties and changes. Conduct impromptu sessions where you share your learning moments with your employees, which can help build positivity in the workplace while also keeping your employees engaged. Such sessions can empower your employees while strengthening their belief in you.

Set Uncertain Times as an Opportunity to Advance Your Leadership

Uncertainties can be overwhelming for everyone in the company, but using it as an opportunity to advance your leadership and serve others rather than making it an escape to push your career forward allows for improved employee involvement. True leaders keep their staff focused and engaged despite the dark road. So, make yourself available to your team and listen to their concerns carefully.

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Author Bio:

Suman Agarwal is an award-winning image management professional. She has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore Image Management and Soft Skill Training as a vibrant professional choice. She frequently writes blog posts about the urgent need of image consulting professionals and soft skill trainers in the 21st century and loves guiding people in exploring lucrative career options. Write to her at to seek advanced career guidance.

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