Immerse your new hires in a memorable onboarding experience with configurable portals crafted for each team’s specific needs. Org charts and job titles help new hires understand their role and how their contributions directly impact your guests.
Make time to enjoy the same kind of vacation your customers are taking by automating your HR processes including onboard, compliance and one-click reports with HR Cloud.

Health Care

Private Practice
You know how important first impressions are with new patients and your practice, but what about first impressions with new hires? Impress them with a personalized portal where they can e-sign all their onboarding documents.
Manage the health of your HR processes with employee self-service portals, custom digital forms and automated task reminders. Saved time could equal saved lives.
Home Care
Keep a pulse on your Caregivers with our centralized social hub, Workmates, to inform them of company policy updates, staffing emergencies and to reward their hard work with Kudos.


QSR (Quick-Service Restaurants)
Don’t let high turnover slow you down and expose you to compliance risk. Use HR Cloud to onboard new hires faster with self-service employee portals loaded with training materials, company handbooks, and e-signable federal and state compliance forms.
Utilize automated workflows to reduce non-compliance risk with Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). Additionally, we make WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) processing simple, saving you thousands of dollars a year for each eligible employee.


It’s tough enough to keep up with fashion changes multiple times a season, but did you know that federal compliance forms can also change several times a year? Let us keep your HR processes en vogue with a custom branded Onboard portal with that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.
Automation and speed are cornerstones of your competitive selling procedures, but are you reflecting that in your internal HR processes? Minimize your operational costs and maximize your profits by utilizing automated HR workflows.


You work hard to keep your tech stack at the cutting edge, but is your outdated HR compliance process just not cutting it anymore? Quit chasing paper and instead focus on attracting and retaining top talent through the most modern and customizable onboarding experience with HR Cloud.
Information Technology (IT)
Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organization. Increase employee engagement and pamper employees with the smoothest onboard process that takes care of I-9’s, W-4’s and all other compliance documentation.

Financial Services

When customers trust you to comply with regulations, compliance risk exposure can cost you more than steep fines. If your company gets audited for non-compliance, even your most loyal customers can lose faith in your brand as a whole. Don’t bank on chance and ensure 100% compliance today with HR Cloud’s 30 day free trial.
Financial Consulting
Financial firms love us because we are both focused on maximizing ROI and minimizing risk exposure for our customers. Book your free demo with us and we’ll go over how HR Cloud can potentially save you thousands of dollars a year!


Technical Recruiting
Let’s face it: recalling your clients’ skills, experiences and important documents is better left to machines. Let HR Cloud’s powerful employee database handle the things it’s crafted for, so you can discover a perfect match for your ever-growing clientele base.
Temporary Service
Keeping track of the ebb and flow of your workforce was no easy task… until now! HR Cloud has automated onboarding and a centralized employee directory so it’s easier than ever to bring on new hires, keep track of your workers and be 100% compliant with state and federal regulations.

Skilled Labor

After you win that next bid, you only have a limited amount of time to hire dozens if not hundred of workers. Let automated onboarding tools save you time and money in getting new recruits to finish any documentation and review your companies policies and procedures online before their first day of work.
The landscaping industry has unique HR needs, with higher than average employee churn with every upcoming season. Our landscaping clients love automated onboarding because it saves them hundred of thousands of previously wasted dollars.

Business Types

Small / Medium Business
Reduce costs, ensure data security and make effective hiring decisions with an adaptable, scalable employee database that grows as you grow. With a built-in ATS, job board and automated E-Verify submission, HR Cloud is a one-stop onboarding solution.
HR Cloud has onboarding, offboarding and everything in between. Have some go-to HR software you just can’t be without? No problem! We have integrations with all your favorite tools including Greenhouse, Engagedly, ADP, Checkr and Compas.
Your company is unique, and so are your HR needs. With HR Cloud you get only what you need, and pay nothing for what you don’t. Try out Workmates, our free intranet application, which helps both full-time and remote workers contribute to an actively growing company culture.
Reduce hiring costs and minimize operational overhead with a centralized records system and paperless onboarding. Our full HR suite liberates your team from clerical hassles so you can reinvest those resources back into your organization's mission.