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10 Simple Recruitment Tips to Hire Talented Professionals

Sep 13, 2021
10 Simple Recruitment Tips to Hire Talented Professionals
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Whether you are hiring a technical developer or a floor manager possessing great communication skills for your organization, it's always a huge challenge to recruit the right fit for the job. 

On top of it, when you have a large talent pool ahead of you, weeding a competent person is nothing less than searching for a needle in the haystack. Therefore, in a survey, 2,300 HR professionals admitted that recruitment is their number one challenge. 

However, finding the right worker in between remote work culture and skill gap issues is hard, but not impossible. You see, recruiters, if you follow the systematic recruitment process today, you can effortlessly hire the best-talented professionals for your team. 

In this post, you'll get to know the top 10 tips to simplify your recruitment process in a breeze. So, let's get started. 

Tip #1. Focus on referrals


Not many recruiters know that their employees are the best sources to acquire job applicants. In fact, 82% of employers ranked employee referrals as the perfect way to generate leads on new candidates. 

To get employee referrals, you have to encourage your employees to refer their trusted candidates for a new job opening. For that, recruiters and employees have to build a proper employee referral program based on:

  • Company's long-term and short-term recruitment goals

  • Create an outline to participate in the referral program like rewards, duration, ideal candidates persona, and other relevant details 

  • Regularly communicate with employees who have participated in the referral program 

  • Monitor progress of the referral program, etc. 

Tip #2. Personalize your recruitment process 

Today, 35% of the American workforce are millennials—a generation driven by personal experience. So, if you wish to onboard creative and enthusiastic millennials to your team, you have to personalize your recruitment process. 

Creating a personalized recruitment process isn't that tough; you just have to practice the following things: 

  • Share a detailed job description, including information about the company, its culture, job role, etc. 

  • Hiring managers should send personalized emails to potential candidates 

  • Interact with candidates throughout the recruitment process and keep them informed about every new development 

Tip #3. The competitive and transparent remuneration structure 

Foremost, offer the competitive industry package to the candidates. Secondly, share remuneration details in-depth, in fact, include salary and other perks information within the job description. 

If you are clear about the remuneration structure, in the beginning, people who aren't alright with your pay structure won't apply for the job. This, in return, will reduce your applicants' list, and you can quickly find a suitable employee. 

Tip #4. Write an exciting job description 

Your job description is an outreach message that tells potential candidates about a new job opening in your company. Since 54% of job seekers look for jobs online today, you have to post a job description online in a way that can excite people to take action. Those monotonous newspaper job ads won't work today. 

If a job description is written correctly, a boring job can be turned into something adventurous. Using these steps, you can convert a plain plumbing job into an exciting CIA level job

  • Make a profile of your ideal job applicants

  • Optimize the job title with catchy and SEO keywords 

  • Talk about your company and its achievements 

  • Share some of the job benefits 

  • Write job requirements in a clear and concise manner

  • Use power verbs to describe the job responsibilities 

Tip #5. Build a good offboarding experience

This might be a completely opposite approach, but it will offer you some long-term benefits. When you part with your employees on a good note, there's a high chance they might come back in the future to work for you. Plus, your ex-employees can leave a good review of your employer brand that will help attract the new talent your way. 

So, try to simplify the offboarding process for your employees, especially today, when employees are already struggling due to the pandemic. 

Tip #6. Adopt adequate technical resources

Remote work environments have brought many new changes in the workplaces. However, virtual hiring is the new system with which many companies and candidates are already struggling. 

Therefore, you should first adopt all the essential tools that can smoothen the recruitment and onboarding process for potential candidates before inviting them to apply for a job role. For seamless virtual interviews, screening, and testing, you can opt for different tools like GapJumpers, Textio, ZipRecruiter, Wayup, and many more. 

Tip #7. Build a talent pool

Every time you post a job opening online, you must receive plenty of great applications through job referrals and other mediums. But, unfortunately, you can only hire a limited number of candidates at a time. 

However, you should keep details of all the other potential applicants in your database. This way, whenever you are on a talent search in the future, you don't have to go through the entire process of posting, interviewing, and testing candidates. Instead, you can simply go to your talent database and recruit the right person. 

To practice this method, you should stay engaged with the potential candidates via random emails, calls, or social media. This will show applicants that you are interested in them and will surely consider them in the future. 

Tip #8. Solid social media presence

You won't believe it, but around 79% of job seekers use social media in their job hunting. Today, almost every applicant goes on social media to check the company's profile and online reputation before applying for the job. 

Here if your company doesn't have a solid social media presence, it will not motivate candidates to apply for the job in your organization. Additionally, if you have vast online community support, you can easily find the relevant job applicants on your social media pages rather than searching on various platforms.  

Tip #9. Involve with a campus recruitment program

If you are unable to find the right person for the job, you can nourish youth to meet your recruitment requirements. In addition, you can join hands with the top colleges and universities to help you produce the talent that you need.


In 2020, only in the US, the college recruitment market size was $119.4 billion, which is amazing. Campus recruitment is also popular among the Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and others. 

For a good campus recruitment system, you have to first partner with the right educational institutions and then stay involved in the selected candidates' entire academic journey. This way, you can motivate students to learn the skills suiting your job requirements. 

Tip #10. Hire professional recruiters

Not every company hires professional recruiters to boost their recruitment process, which is a wrong practice. For an employer, it is impossible to stay involved in the whole recruitment program while managing another hundred business operations. On top of all, the virtual recruitment structure is different than the traditional recruitment approach. 

Therefore, based on your organization's size and recruitment needs, you should appoint a professional recruiter to undertake all hiring strategies. A dedicated recruiter can help you to build your online employer brand, streamline employee referral programs and all other recruitment-related operations in no time. 


Parting Thoughts

If you have a great task force, you can provide a better experience to your customers and improve your business growth simultaneously. In short, a good hire can boost your business profit, and a bad one can derail it. 

So, you should follow all the simple and easy tips to hire the right employees who can grow your company beyond limits. Then, once you restructure your recruitment process using the 10 awesome tips, don't forget to share your experience with us.

About Author: Sonakshi Paliwal is an associate at GreenThumbs - an HR firm. She has a background in Business and Psychology. In her free time, you can find her reading a book or watching a documentary.



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