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2016 HR Technology Trends Wrap Up | Tools & Trade

Feb 16, 2016
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With fifteen years of the 21st century now in the past, HR is poised to benefit from emerging technologies more than ever before. Innovations in the field of HR technology are likely to spawn a steady uptake in adoption rates in 2016 and beyond. Here are some tech trends making splashes this year.

Mobile Optimization Coming on Strong

As the workforce becomes ever more mobile in nature, HR software must evolve to meet the way employees connect with their HR departments. Responsive design and mobile optimization will likely dominate the landscape this year, as companies scramble to provide employees access via mobile devices. Expect to see more online applications, online testing, and online onboarding as this trend continues to evolve.

Delivering this kind of HR functionality will mean that organizations must consider the features they will offer, the mechanics of the mobilization process, and the interface they will create for employees as end users.

HR Goes Social

It is expected that HR departments will likely adopt social media as a way to engage employees. Social media provides a platform for gathering and sharing important information, bolstering communication initiatives in the workplace.

Additionally, social media facilitates a collaborative process, encouraging teamwork and innovation. HR will likely profit from such collaboration, as employees become ever more engaged in the process.

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Wearables and BYOD Trends Change the Game

As wearable technology and BYOD trends continue to take center stage, they will likely become vehicles for HR service delivery. The upside of this trend is the convenience it provides for employees who wish to connect with HR at any time and from anywhere.

The downside is that this increased accessibility may make it even more necessary for HR departments to help employees find a positive work/life balance.

More Emphasis on Feedback and Culture Management

As the need for effective culture management becomes increasingly apparent, technologies are emerging that encourage employee feedback, monitor engagement, manage employee performance and goals, and assess culture.

Utilizing these technologies will enable HR managers to spot employee performance trends and take appropriate measures to re-engage and re-focus employees as needed.

The Future is Now

As the role of HR continues to shift, technology adoption will likely continue to evolve to meet HR needs. Employee engagement and culture management will likely drive adoption of technology in the coming years and redefine the role of HR in an ever-changing organizational landscape. 

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