40 Fun Employee Engagement Activities and Ideas for 2021

40 Fun Employee Engagement Activities and Ideas for 2021

It’s vital to keep employees happy and engaged. Engaged workers are more creative and have better problem-solving skills than their less engaged counterparts.

Creating an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and supported is essential in creating a successful workplace culture. One way to do so is through implementing various types of engaging events or activities in the workplace.

Do you need some new ideas for employee engagement activities? Would you like to have a plan in place for 2021?

In either case, we’ve compiled 40 fun, easy-to-implement, and inexpensive, or even free, activities that are sure to engage employees. They’ll help you stay ahead of the game and keep your team members engaged at work.

If you want to create more engagement at work, read on.

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1. Maintain A Fair Workplace

Make sure that your company stays up to state workplace standards. Also, compensate your workers fairly and treat them well.

2. Recognize Your Winners

Recognizing your staff members for their hard work can go a long way toward keeping them motivated.

Foster employee engagement

3. Support Volunteer Causes

Find a local charity that both your company and your staff can get behind and offer your support.

4. Pair Up Mentors And New Hires

The buddy system is a great way to help new employees get through the first few months.


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5. Get Employees Involved From The Start

Offer opportunities to make new hires feel like part of the team and learn more about their peers.

6. Provide Adequate Training

Encourage career growth by providing staff members with the opportunity to learn new skills.

7. Offer Flex Hours

Flexible hours keep employees feeling like they have more control over their schedules.

8. Keep An Open Channel Of Communication

Talk to your employees about their thoughts and suggestions. These conversations will help you stay on top of what’s going on in the office.

9. Act on Feedback Right Away

Don’t put employee feedback on the back burner. Instead, plan on how you can act on employees' thoughts and ideas right away.

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10. Offer Time Perks

You don’t want your staff to come in to work sick. Offer sick days and vacation days. This way, they won’t worry about using up their PTO.

11. Promote Internal Champions

When you hire from within, it shows your workers that you’re willing to invest in their careers.

12. Nurture Wellness In The Workplace

No one’s immune to stress. Promote mindfulness by hosting wellness workshops led by experts.

13. Provide Healthy Snacks

Buying office snacks that provide healthy fuel can boost employee performance.

14. Pick Up The Lunch Tab

Treating employees to lunch makes them feel appreciated and gives everyone an opportunity to eat together.

15. Pay Your Staff Fairly

Paying a competitive salary goes a long way toward keeping employees engaged and also helps to attract the best talent.

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16. Promote Your Company Culture

By highlighting your company culture, you can make sure that everyone’s working toward the same goal. It helps to have your team participate in creating your company culture statement so that everyone feels involved.

17. Highlight The Path Up The Corporate Ladder

It’s a good idea to show employees that they can grow with your company. If not, they may look elsewhere for growth opportunities.

18. Support Work-Life Balance

Excessive work is a recipe for burnout. Talk to your employees about finding a balance between work and their personal needs.

Engaged employees are ideal for managers

19. Set Goals Together

When employees share goals with the company, they feel more engaged and more like they’re part of the team.

20. Help Employees Set Personal Goals

Help your staff members to find their meaning of success with your company. During the process, you should also highlight their past achievements.

21. Change Up Workspaces

Who says workers can only get things done in a cubicle? Instead, try deploying open workspaces where workers might prove more productive.

22. Offer Healthy Incentives

A gym membership or monetary incentive for healthy activities shows your team that you care about their health.

23. Get To Know Your Staff

Most likely, your team will grow along with your business. Make a commitment to know your staff one-on-one, no matter how large you grow.

24. Have You Heard About Gamification?

Gamification involves the introduction of new office games that drive employee engagement. You can have employees complete challenges or tasks and provide awards for winning people and teams.

25. Get Their Families Involved

Invite your employees to bring their families or significant others to activities for employees, such as company barbecues or game days.

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26. What’s Your Dream Job?

Have your staff members create their ideal job description so you can find out what they really want. These descriptions will give you insights into what’s missing from their careers.

27. Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Learn more about identifying and managing your emotions as well as those of others.

28. Support Employee Growth

Growth is just as important for your staff members as it is for your company. Give employees the support they need to take on new responsibilities.

29. Pay Attention To Company Reviews

Keep an eye on your company’s online reviews. This information can provide you with important feedback about your company culture and hiring process.

30. Make Sure Employees Know About Your KPIs

Intangible and idealistic goals might prove inspiring, but employees can only achieve goals that you can measure. Rally your team around SMART goals so that they can share in your success.

31. Handle Failure The Right Way

You must give your staff members room to fail if you want them to take risks. Taking risks is the only way that employees can grow and learn from their mistakes.

32. Make Sure That Your Staff Takes Breaks

Eating lunch in your workspace is not a break. Make sure that staff members take their allocated breaks and clear their minds so that they can tackle the second half of the day.

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33. Make Sure That Your Staff Takes Vacations

When employees are giving their all, they may find it difficult to step away from the workplace. Make sure that your staff takes the needed time to recharge.

34. Know The Signs Of Burnout

It’s important to keep an eye on employees who are getting overwhelmed. If you see someone that’s about to crash and burn, you’ll need to intervene.

35. Hand Over The Reins Occasionally

Sometimes, employees like the spotlight, especially if they have an eye on upward mobility. Offer opportunities for employees to practice their presentation and leadership skills in front of their peers.

36. Give The Dress Code A Break Sometimes

By allowing employees to dress down occasionally, you can give them the freedom to express their individuality and feel more relaxed in the workplace.

37. It’s Your Anniversary!

Make a point to recognize employee anniversaries, both big and small. Whether recognizing a staff member’s first month or first year, this kind of acknowledgment goes a long way toward making employees feel valued.

38. Create Company Clubs

You can help your team members connect by giving them an opportunity to relate to each other based on their interests. Activities for employees, such as book clubs or sports teams, give staff members an opportunity to bond.

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39. Offer Mental Health Resources

Mental health is a challenging topic for anyone. Make mental health resources openly available, so that employees can find help when needed.

40. Promote Diversity and Inclusion

It’s important that all staff members feel welcomed at your company. With this in mind, make clear and accountable goals for promoting diversity and inclusion.

With Employee Engagement Activities, Everyone Wins

Across the nation, a lot of employees feel disengaged from their work. Employers recognize this issue and invest a significant amount of money into resolving the issue. However, resolving employee disenchantment isn’t necessarily about money.

As an employer or decision-maker, it’s your responsibility to ensure employee satisfaction. More often than not, promoting engagement is about taking actions that show employees that you truly care about their welfare.

Investing In Employee Engagement 

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