5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in PTO Software for Your Business

Dec 06, 2023
5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in PTO Software for Your Business
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Every manager knows how inconvenient it is when leave requests pop out of nowhere. This becomes an even bigger hassle when you are swamped with important projects and scaling the team. 

As your workforce’s experience elevates, so does the PTO threshold. You have to check the requests, approve them, and track leave periods. 

Moreover, you can’t afford to have too many people out at once. So, before approving the PTO, it’s crucial to check how many employees are taking time off at that same time. 

Taking care of all these aspects through a manual process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you are planning to expand your workforce further.

To simplify this, you need an effective PTO software. Let’s discuss why —



If you are still handling your PTOs with pen and paper or elaborate spreadsheets, you may be questioning the need to invest in PTO software. 

So here are 5 signs that indicate why you must reconsider your manual methods and switch to technology instead:

  • Increasingly haphazard process

Are you noticing increasing inaccuracy in PTO approvals? Do you frequently find unchecked PTO requests in your files? These are the typical signs that your PTO processing methods lack finesse. 

The indications may include your HR team spending a significant chunk of their day processing paid leave requests. Their workload may also increase with accrual tracking and ensuring compliance with labor laws. It clearly indicates that your manual PTO processes are no longer feasible. 

Haphazard PTO processing can also lead to errors in calculating leave balances, approving overlapping time-off requests, or general mismanagement of employee leaves. Keeping a consistent PTO process through manual methods will also become increasingly difficult with remote and hybrid work models.  

If these signs persist, your company will face decreased productivity. A scalable and efficient PTO software can reduce such administrative burdens, eliminate errors, and streamline the PTO management process.

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  • Spending too long manually organizing data

While manual PTO processes are easily adaptable, they can be a huge time burden on your workday. It can take many hours to coordinate time offs for each team member, measure PTO balances, and assess each request. 

These tedious and time-consuming PTO operations can compromise your other valuable business operations. It can take your focus away from the big-picture strategies that are crucial for a thriving company. 

As manual processes are inherently slow, your response to PTO requests can get delayed. Due to an overloaded inbox, some requests can even go unnoticed. This can be detrimental to overall employee engagement and satisfaction. 

PTO software can help you here by automating such repetitive tasks. For example, HR Cloud offers a PTO tracking solution where you can manage all your paid leave and vacation requests easily - helping to drive HR transformation on your workforce’s benefits and time-tracking processes. 

Pay close attention to how your team spends their work hours. If you see a big part of it being spent on processing paid leave requests every week, maybe it’s time to consider switching to efficient PTO software. 

  • Difficulty in integrating PTO with other HR functions 

HR and the payroll and benefits departments often have different processes and systems. Coordinating efforts and ensuring that all parties have access to the most up-to-date PTO data can be a challenge. Syncing PTO with other HR functions is crucial, which manual processes can’t cater to. Plus, it adds to the VA hiring benefits.

Your HR team may have to communicate PTO and other leave approvals to the payroll department separately. This can result in miscommunication and an inaccurate flow of information. 

Ensuring real-time updates between systems to reflect changes in leave requests can get increasingly difficult as you grow your workforce. Lack of integration in PTO data with HR functions can disrupt the standard work schedule, underpay employees, and miscalculate benefits. 

If you are struggling with this problem, investing in PTO software can be a big help. It will integrate with your existing HR functions and consolidate all leave requests, approvals, and accruals. 

Your payroll department can access the centralized PTO data and calculate accurate salary slips. This will create an integrated and organized system and avoid any confusion in employee compensation. 

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  • Lack of real-time PTO data insights

Keeping track of each application and its changes in real-time is impossible with a manual system. Lack of accurate and instant PTO reports is a frequent source of misunderstandings and may even land you into PTO-related legal issues.

For example, PetLab Co.’s CEO and co-founder Chris Masanto says, “At our company, with a generous annual leave policy of 28 days plus public holidays, we initially struggled to manage leave requests efficiently. The absence of a real-time PTO software system led to last-minute scrambles and coverage gaps, impacting our team’s productivity and morale.”

He further adds “The turning point came when we implemented a real-time PTO tracking system. It was a game-changer, providing instant visibility into staff availability and preventing operational hiccups. This shift not only streamlined our internal processes but also demonstrated our commitment to a transparent and efficient work environment, respecting our business needs and our employees’ well-being.”

An AI-automated PTO software can streamline the process and send instant request updates to managers. It lets you check whether you would have enough staff to carry out operations without disruption. The software also notifies the employee of PTO approvals and rejections, provides real-time data analytics, and generates actionable insights on PTO balances and their records, leading to better decision-making. 

  • Employees are unhappy

Paid time off is one of the most-valued benefits for an employee. Employers who encourage PTO signify that a good work-life balance is their priority. This results in higher job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation, which leads to fewer absences and boosted productivity.

So, if you see reduced employee morale and satisfaction, it can be due to a disorganized PTO system. With manual processes, your staff must contact HR whenever they want to know their PTO balance. They must go back and forth several times to check their PTO application status before confirming a new vacation plan. 

Lack of independent access to necessary time off data can frustrate the employees and lead to low morale, engagement, and employee productivity. Your workforce will grow increasingly dissatisfied with your PTO system, which may even result in increased employee attrition. Amid the current economic uncertainties, an efficient PTO management system is now more important than ever. 

Your employees should be able to schedule and submit requests independently — which you can implement with PTO software. 

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Benefits of investing in PTO software 

Wondering how a PTO software can help you with the above challenges? Here’s your answer —

Improves efficiency

PTO solutions automate redundant PTO operations. You won’t have to check up on each application to manage them, saving time. Instant updates on PTO requests and changes also lead to leave processing faster, improving efficiency. 

Enhances employee satisfaction

Traditional PTO processes often require the employees to run to HR for every approval. It’s time-consuming and lacks organization and transparency, frustrating your employees. 

Efficient PTO solutions let your staff submit leave requests and check approval status in their own time. It’s simple, quick, transparent, and eliminates the back and forth between the employee and HR. As a result, you will see enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Maintains compliance

Manual PTO processes are insufficient for accurate and secure data management. You can even end up losing or misplacing employee data. Here, PTO software can help you manage all your PTO information while maintaining data security and other HR compliance

Provides data insights

Traditional PTO processes make it very difficult to check PTO balances. You can’t accurately assess the number of available employees for a specific period before approving the leave. 

With automated PTO systems, you will get actionable data insights and make the right decision quickly. 

Better integration with other HR functions

Without proper PTO data syncing, miscommunication and inaccurate salaries will become quite common as you scale your team. 

PTO solutions offer integrations with your exciting HR and productivity tools. You can import data from any integrated tool, organize them in a comprehensive dashboard, and make them accessible to the stakeholders. 

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Tips to pick out the best PTO software

Wondering how to choose the right PTO solution amid so many options? These tips will help you out:

  • Understand your specific needs

While the objective of every PTO software is the same, they often have specific features designed to address a business’s particular PTO needs. So, before you start browsing your options, understand what problems you want to solve with a PTO tracking solution. This will help you choose the right software with all the necessary features.  

  • Check features and customization

Tally your needs with the features your chosen PTO tracking platforms are providing. Do they offer instant notifications? Is the reporting feature customizable to your specific requirements?

  • Evaluate user interface and experience

Another important thing to look for in your PTO solution is how smooth its UI and UX are. This way, you can ensure your teams can adapt to it easily and maintain the workflow. We recommend signing up for free trials to check its suitability before investing. 

  • Understand product scalability

Effective PTO solutions should be able to grow with your workforce. So, look for tools with customizable packages. It should fit new team additions seamlessly. This way, even if you subscribe to a limited package first, you can opt for the flexible one later without switching the tool.

  • Research available integrations

Ensure the PTO tracking software you opt for syncs with your existing HR tools. This way, the workflow will be intact while transitioning from manual to automated processes.

  • Check pricing

Audit your budget and check your financial bandwidth for a PTO solution. Go through different packages and see which ones offer the best features within your decided price range.


If your organization has always relied on traditional PTO approvals, investing in an expensive PTO solution may seem like an extravagance. But digging deep into your PTO management problems shows you how necessary it is for your company to make the switch.

Invest in scalable and feature-rich PTO software today to reduce HR workload, save time, and enhance employee satisfaction without hampering your daily workflow! 

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