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6 Best Job Experts to Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

Jul 12, 2021
6 Best Job Experts to Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn
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Whether you’re currently looking for a job or not, some good career advice can always come in handy. Especially if it’s offered by a top career expert with many years of experience and a bunch of loyal followers, some of whom have already put that advice to practice. 

Some time ago, professional advice was not easy to find, but today, thanks to social media, you needn’t go far. Now, it’s the other way round: there are so many career coaches and job search experts that it’s hard to choose. 

So, if you’re looking for immediate help with something specific like writing a resume, it’s better to hire a writer on a professional platform – for example, here at . But when you need inspiration, insights, fresh data on the job market, or first-hand job search tips, social media can be of service.  Also, it could be useful for you to research what HR wants to see in candidates and you can do it here It will be the best way to write a perfect resume.

But how does one choose from an abundance of social media experts and coaches? Well, we’ve done the job for you. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best job experts on Twitter and LinkedIn that we suggest you follow. 

Twitter Influencers 

Twitter is generally regarded as a platform for politicians, celebrities, and their fans. But that’s far from being everything this social network can offer. There are also a lot of experts of all kinds sharing their knowledge and insights – job experts included. So, here are our top-3 Twitter influencers writing career advice. 


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1. Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant)

Adam Grant’s Twitter profile states he’s currently an “organizational psychologist” at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also known as the New York Times #1 best-selling author due to his book Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know. He also has a podcast of his own on TED Talks called WorkLife. 

Adam currently has over 400,000 followers, including Hollywood actress, businesswoman, and producer Reese Witherspoon, actor Ashton Kutcher, and other celebrities. The reason for such popularity is probably that Grant manages to maintain the right balance between inspirational tweets, useful research data, and interesting insights.  

2. Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa)

A New York-based job market expert Hannah Morgan describes herself as a speaker, author, LinkedIn top voice, and an “unapologetic introvert”. Indeed, she’s better known as a LinkedIn influencer – but her Twitter account is also worth following if you need fast and accessible career advice.  

However, if you’re looking for inspirational fluff or deep insights for (aspiring) higher-level executives, Hannah’s profile is probably not the place to go. Her page is about more down-to-Earth topics like:

  • acing an interview; 

  • networking online;

  • job search strategies;

  • resume creation, and the like. 

Morgan herself states that the account is aimed at job seekers looking for “help and hope for a faster job search”, so this is exactly what you’ll get there. 


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3. Alison Doyle (@AlisonDoyle)

One more seasoned job expert sharing useful advice on Twitter is Alison Doyle. She’s the job search expert for The Balance agency and founder of her own company Career Tool Belt that provides advice and assistance to job seekers. 

Though she doesn’t have as many followers as “star” influencers, her page offers lots of hands-on tips that anyone still in search of their dream job can make use of instantly.  On her account, you can find answers to such questions as what to name as a reason for leaving your previous job, how to choose a resume file name, and more.    

LinkedIn Influencers 

LinkedIn is still the ultimate place to go to for anything connected with jobs and career growth. Be it networking, posting an online resume, or looking for advice from top experts – this social network offers endless opportunities. And of course, there are many experts there who are worth following. Here are our top 3. 

Andrea Koppel 

Washington-based expert Andrea Coppel is particularly passionate about helping fresh college graduates make their first steps into their future careers. She’s pretty popular, too, with her profile being included in the 2021 Top Job Search Expert to Follow on LinkedIn by Jobscan and a top-100 Apple podcast of her own called Time4Coffee. 

Andrea is also the founder and CEO of College2Career Academy – a company whose name speaks for itself. Koppel’s target audience includes college juniors and seniors as well as their parents, and she specializes in providing concrete actionable advice. But if you’ve only got a high school diploma yet, you can follow her as well. 

Rosie McCarthy 

Badass Careers founder Rosie McCarthy positions herself as a “career fulfillment coach”. As such, she is devoted to helping millennials and Gen Zs create their personal brands and build meaningful careers. Rosie is based in New Zealand but is committed to helping young people worldwide.     

On her page, you can find advice ranging from how to find a career purpose or learn to love your work to practical tips on resume writing. She also offers free weekly training on her YouTube channel. 

Lazlo Bock

Former Google employee Lazlo Bock is a big LinkedIn influencer with more than a million followers. He’s now CEO and co-founder of software company Humu, and he’s also known as the author of Work Rules! – a book where he shares his insights from work at Google. 

Lazlo still writes a lot about work at Google in particular, but his articles also cover a wide array of topics from company culture to decision-making to resumes and interviews. Quite a lot to linger on.

Final Thoughts 

Following job experts on Twitter, LinkedIn, or elsewhere can be very useful indeed. It’s a great way to find out job search tips and get inspiration, especially if you hand-pick the accounts to follow. 

However, don’t let it become just another form of procrastination. Remember that knowing what to do is one thing, and doing it – quite another. So, if you find any piece of advice from the experts useful – don’t hesitate to actually follow it.


About Author: This article is written by the Marketing Team of HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading global provider of Applicant Tracking, OnboardingOffboarding, Communications, Engagement, Recognition, and Financial Wellness solutions. Its powerful and user-friendly software eliminates manual/paper processes, increases employee productivity and engagement, improves time and cost savings, and reduces regulatory compliance risk

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