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9 Workplace Chat Apps for Smooth Office Communication

9 Workplace Chat Apps for Smooth Office Communication
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Having a list of nine workplace chat apps is sure to make a massive difference in your day-to-day communications in and out of the office.

Team collaboration and chatting have never been a more prevalent topic than it is today, especially as more teams are transitioning to digital workspaces.

Fortunately, there isn't a shortage of workplace apps for you to consider, regardless of the features you need or your team size.


9 Best Workplace Chat Apps

You can guarantee there is a sufficient number of features you'll be able to benefit from when using the top workplace chat apps.

Let's explore top-rated options to help you and your team get the most functionality as if you're working in person.

1. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a fantastic program used by many of the world's leading brands, such as Toyota and Peloton.

Their platform also comes with a free demo, allowing you to explore its numerous features. With its initial design to be an all-in-one HR platform, everything you could possibly need for team collaboration is built into its numerous solutions.

What Features Does HR Cloud Offer?

There's no shortage of features with this innovative HR-oriented platform, and they include:

  • Feedback

You'll have access to intuitive feedback, helping your team grow and improve.

  • Automated Processes

Another massive benefit of this platform is that it helps you automate manual processes. Before long, you'll save time on mundane business responsibilities, allowing you to pay more attention to team building.

  • Improved Onboarding

HR Cloud also enables teams to work through a straightforward onboarding process, helping to welcome them to the team more efficiently.

  • Time Management

As with any HR software, this program is designed to help make managing employee time off more efficient. You can set up self-service requests for vacation and time off while reviewing who's been in and out of the office remotely.

  • Direct Engagement

A massive issue with large companies is being able to stay in touch with their employees regularly. With HR Cloud, you can communicate directly with your team to provide awards, progress updates, and more.

2. Slack

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75% of employees say teamwork and collaboration are essential, which is where Slack performs best. It's easily one of the most popular chat apps you can choose, with an exceptional number of additional features you and your teams will love.

Designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, collaborating with digital and in-person teams has never been simpler.

What Features Does Slack Offer?

Let's jump into the most popular features you can unlock once you download Slack.

  • Channels

The Channels feature for this platform is one of its most popular because it helps you organize your conversations. You can easily track files, tools, people, and full conversations.

  • Messaging

As expected of a chat app, Slack allows you to message individuals directly or in designated groups of people. It's a fantastic way to share information privately or to get a direct response ASAP.

  • Huddles

Huddles are another opportunity for teams to connect through video, audio, or both.

A drawing function also allows teams to share content when chatting. Other features aligned with Huddles include link and note sharing, screen sharing, and emoji use.

  • Integrations

When using chat platforms for your remote teams, you must consider integrations.

Slack makes workplace collaboration easy, offering Slack integrations over 2,200 different app integrations. You can pair platforms like Office 365 and Google Drive with Slack.

Microsoft Teams offers seamless integrations with third-party apps, such as the standup bot for MS Teams, to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient workflow. Teams' collaborative features, quick chats, meetings, and call hosting capabilities make it a one-stop-shop for all your collaboration needs.

3. Microsoft Teams

Did you know that employees with access to collaboration tools are 17% more likely to be happy with their workplace culture?

Microsoft Teams is one of the best team chat apps you can get your hands on that also focuses on project management. Whether you need project management platforms for work, school, or home, it's highly adaptable with unlimited chat features.

What Features Does Microsoft Teams Offer?

Let's explore the top features you can unlock with real-time collaboration through Teams.

  • Meetings

You need trustworthy team communication software when hosting meetings with your entire team. This platform is designed for any meeting, allowing you to share your screen, blur your background, or even change your background image.

  • Call Hosting

Outside of team conversations, employees using Teams can take and make one-on-one conversations. You'll also have access to advanced VoIP features, such as call transferring, voicemail, and group calls.

  • Collaboration

These features are some of the most important to note when looking for employee engagement platforms.

The collaborative features on Microsoft Teams allow employees to share, edit, and find files together in real-time. You'll have third-party integrations through platforms like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

  • Quick Chatting

If video calling and voice channels aren't your cups of tea, quick chats are also great through Teams. You can share quick thoughts with our team in either group or one-on-one environments.

4. Discord

With its initial release, Discord was designed for gamers to use to connect with one another. Today, it's one of the most adaptable office chat tools that you can use for audio chats, video chats, collaborative notes, and more.

If you're on the hunt for modern team chat applications with chat threads, chat histories, and seamless communication, Discord is a great choice.

What Features Does Discord Offer?

Let's dive into the most interesting features you'll unlock with Discord.

  • Servers

The central premise behind this platform is users can create and join public and private servers to communicate with others. Within these servers, you can organize information through separate channels that you can use for sharing and collaboration.

  • Open Voice Channels

Another amazing feature of Discord is that they eliminate the need for chat requests. Instead, you can set up an open voice channel that people can pop in and out of as needed.

There's no longer a need for group calls, making it one of the best chat programs for collaborating and questions.

  • Moderation Tools

As the owner of a Discord server, you have access to a ton of chat functionality moderation tools. This includes setting rules for a server, assigning permissions, setting up private channels, and more.

  • Other Collaborative Tools

Like many other business chat apps, Discord has various other collaborative tools. You can screen share, share files, host video and audio calls, and host massive chats with your entire team.

5. Mattermost

Mattermost is a great platform for those looking for an open-source platform with top security and flexibility. Aside from chat app messaging, you'll find an assortment of other tools to help you see the benefits of team chat.

Used by teams at Samsung, NASA, and Qualcomm, it's a great option for most businesses.

What Features Does Mattermost Offer?

Let's explore the top highlights of this channel-based chat application.

  • Streamlining R&D Processes

If your team is responsible for research and development, Mattermost is a fantastic solution.

This platform is designed to help you boost your productivity along the way, from managing releases to solving product issues.

  • Developer-Friendly

Undoubtedly, this platform is primarily designed with developers in mind, opening a ton of functional features you'll love. You'll have a powerful user interface that revolves around channel-based comms, checklists, and card-based assigned tasks.

  • Customizable

Since Mattermost is an open-source program, your team has full control over its use. Its open API allows you to enhance the platform to meet the specifications of your business operations.

  • Enhanced Security

The largest advantages of chat tools are they often come with top-of-the-line security, and this platform is no different. Individuals can choose between cloud or self-hosted deployment to keep their chats and data private and secure.

6. Pumble

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Pumble is a great option if you're looking for a video chat and audio chat platform that keeps all your information in a central location. It's also a free office chat software, offering basic chat functionality and several other powerful features.

With audio messaging, unlimited teams, and guest access, its desktop app has plenty of great capabilities.

Using Pumble can unlock seamless communication amongst your team as it's a comprehensive chat tool with an innovative workspace.

Employees can be assigned permissions and roles, and you can create user groups and assign guest accounts to those outside of your company. With added benefits of other aspects of communication, like asynchronous communications, it's a powerful tool.

What Features Does Pumble Offer?

Let's jump into the collaboration tools available from team chat apps like Pumble.

  • Real-Time Communication

Gone are the days when you'd have to wait for an email to come through, as Pumble focuses primarily on direct messages. Like many others, this platform also features channels and threads, ensuring real-time collaboration.

  • Productive Collaboration

Working together on projects has never been simpler with this platform's file sharing and communication channels. You'll easily be able to share data with guests, manage internal communications and notifications, and share files.

  • Voice and Video Chats

Businesses need to consider two essential features of chat tools: voice and video functionality.

With Pumble, you can unlock one-on-one voice calls designed to help you keep in touch with any specific team member. You'll also be able to host team video and audio calls and take advantage of screen sharing.

7. Brosix

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Brosix is a great app for team communication and collaboration. You'll have access to numerous security benefits and teamwork tools for communication between team members.

With the help of the communication solutions built into this platform, you can increase your team performance by up to 37%.

What Features Does Brosix Offer?

Let's look at some of the best features you'll get with this communication platform.

  • Administration Controls

There are numerous administration controls with this platform to help keep communication calm and seamless. You'll be able to assign team users to specific groups, change permissions and access, and even review user activity.

  • Improved Security

An important area of team collaboration apps is to make sure you have plenty of security.

With Brosix, you'll have a choice of antivirus scanning, security levels for different users, and access to multiple administrator privileges. You can also customize how long your chat history is stored.

  • Real-Time Communication

The communication process through this app is quick and easy with its text chat and chat rooms for one-on-one and group communication. You'll also keep communication seamless with the integrated video and audio calls.

One of the more unique features is broadcast messaging, which you use to send announcements to multiple people.

  • Teamwork

With this business communication platform, you'll find a blend of team collaboration and productivity. Brosix allows teams to send offline text messages, send screenshots to one another, and send welcome messages to all new users.

  • Collaboration

As you would expect from an all-in-one team collaboration software, Brosix has a range of collaboration features. You'll have an online whiteboard for interactive discussions, screen sharing for efficient collaboration, and file transferring.

8. Spike

Image Source

The list of advanced team management features you get with Spike is extensive, allowing you to customize all aspects of creative collaboration and task management.

Your teams will be able to boost their collaboration skills while also having access to advanced project management. Not to mention the entire platform is incredibly user-friendly.

What Features Does Spike Offer?

There are several great features to behold in this collaboration software app, including:

  • Conversational Email

With a blend of direct messaging and emails, Spike allows you to create threads that appear in chat-like form without the need for headers or signatures.

  • Collaborative Tasks

One of the best features for effective project management on this platform is its collaborative tasks. You can create and share to-do lists with individuals or groups of people, allowing you to manage your workflow.

  • Content Calendars

A massive feature that content teams and content marketing teams will love in this platform is its collaborative calendar.

With this feature, content creators can plan posts on websites and socials with ease. As an added benefit, the entire team can be involved in the content creation process by adding their input to the calendar.


Image Source is a modern chat option if you're looking for complete control over your team's collaborative efforts. You'll have seemingly unlimited integrations, control over notifications, and other advanced admin controls to get you started.

In addition, your teams will experience far more productive meetings through audio conversations and video meetings.

What Features Does Offer?

Let's explore the best features of this platform for more meaningful conversations.

  • Versatile Design isn't just designed for clarity in office conversations; it also assists with streamlining customer communications.

With this platform, your entire company can talk with customers to answer questions and concerns for optimized customer service.

  • Powerful Tools

One of the largest benefits of is its functionality.

Users can access customized apps, open APIs, an assortment of plugins, and webhooks. You'll be able to customize and design the app to be used in any way you need it.

  • Meaningful Conversations

You'll always have ways to keep in touch with your team with

You can host lifestream chats and video chats and have one-on-one direct messages. Your entire company will be able to explore a chat-based workspace with ease.

Choose the Best Workplace Chat Apps Today!

Workplace chat apps are quickly replacing phone calls and traditional video calls, thanks to their advanced chat features.

If you're looking for team chat applications that allow business owners to streamline online communications, each of these nine platforms will help.

With great features like screen-sharing capabilities, unlimited file stores, custom emojis, and emoji reactions, there's not much else you'll need.

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