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Best Employee Intranet for ADP Users

Best Employee Intranet for ADP Users
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Employee engagement is a term that has gained significant attention in the corporate world in recent years. It refers to the emotional engagement and involvement of employees in their work, the organization, and its goals. Engaged employees are more dedicated towards their work, leading to higher productivity, better customer service, and reduced turnover. In essence, employee engagement is a measure of how much employees care about their jobs and the company they work for.

In today's competitive business environment, organizations need to find ways to stand out from the competition, and having a highly engaged workforce is one way to do so. High levels of employee engagement translate to a more motivated and productive workforce, ultimately leading to better business results. This is why companies are increasingly focusing on improving employee engagement and finding the right tools and strategies to do so.

One of the key factors in improving employee engagement is having the right technology in place to support your efforts. For companies that use ADP for payroll and HR management, the Wormates App of HR Cloud can help to boost employee engagement. This article will discuss why employee engagement is important in the workplace and the top intranet solutions for ADP clients.

The Role of Employee Engagement in an Organization 

Employee engagement is an important concept that is beyond a buzzword and has real, tangible benefits for organizations. According to a Gallup study, organizations where employees are better engaged have 21% higher profits and 20% higher sales than those organizations with low levels of employee engagement. 

Beyond the financial benefits, employee engagement also contributes to an overall nurturing work environment, creating a sense of belonging and pride among employees. This leads to better teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, it's crucial for organizations to ensure that their employees are engaged and committed to their work. This not only leads to better results but also helps in attracting new talent and employee retention.

The Role of Intranet Solutions in Boosting Employee Engagement

Intranet solutions play a critical role in improving employee engagement by providing a centralized platform for communication, collaboration, and access to company resources. A well-designed intranet can help to keep employees informed and connected, promote a strong company culture, and streamline work processes.

By integrating with ADP, intranet solutions can leverage employee data and insights to deliver a more personalized and engaging experience. This includes features such as personalized news feeds, targeted announcements, and relevant learning and development opportunities.

Intranet solutions can also help to improve employee engagement by facilitating peer recognition and feedback, fostering a sense of community and belonging. By enabling employees to recognize and celebrate each other's achievements, organizations can create a positive work environment and boost morale.

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Top Employee Engagement Software for ADP Clients

There are several intranet solutions available that integrate with ADP to help boost employee engagement. If you are an ADP user looking for the best employee intranet, there are several options available that can meet your needs. Here are some of the top options to consider:

Workmates Intranet for ADP Users

The Workmates App is an effective employee engagement software provider that provides an intranet platform that can easily integrate with ADP clients. This app is intended to facilitate effective internal collaboration and communication among employees within an organization. With the Workmates App, users can create profiles, send messages, share documents, and participate in group discussions. The platform also offers features such as calendars, task lists, and notifications to help users stay organized and on top of their work. The Workmates App can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device, making it convenient for users to stay connected no matter where they are.  

Workmates enables employees to give recognition to their colleagues for their exceptional work directly through the app. This feature encourages a culture of appreciation and motivates employees to go above and beyond in their roles. The app allows organizations to create customized awards to align with their unique values and objectives. The app incorporates a badge system that employees can earn for different types of recognition. These badges can be displayed on employees' profiles and serve as a visual representation of their achievements. 

Workmates is a versatile app that not only facilitates employee recognition and awards but also provides a comprehensive platform for conducting employee surveys and collecting feedback. This feature allows organizations to gather valuable insights, gauge employee satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the work environment and employee engagement. The app enables organizations to create customized surveys tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's measuring employee satisfaction, gathering feedback on a specific initiative, or conducting performance evaluations, Workmates provides flexible survey creation options. Workmates provides real-time data analysis and reporting capabilities. Organizations can access survey results and feedback instantly, enabling them to identify trends, pinpoint areas of concern, and take timely action to address employee needs and concerns.

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Best Practices for Implementing Intranet Solutions

To ensure the successful implementation of your intranet solution and maximize employee engagement, consider the following best practices:

  • Involve key stakeholders: Engage leaders, managers, and employees in the planning and implementation process to ensure buy-in and support for the intranet solution.

  • Develop a clear strategy: Define your objectives for the intranet solution and how it aligns with your overall employee engagement strategy. This will help to ensure that the solution is tailored to the unique needs and goals of your organization.

  • Communicate effectively: Communication is key when introducing a new intranet solution to employees. Provide clear and concise information regarding the purpose and benefits of the solution, as well as any additional support or training that will be included as part of the solution.

  • Encourage adoption: To drive engagement and maximize the benefits of your intranet solution, it's essential to encourage adoption among employees. This may involve incentives, training sessions, or ongoing communication and support.  

  • Measure success: To evaluate the success of your intranet solution and make any necessary adjustments, it's important to measure engagement levels and track key metrics. This may include employee participation rates, feedback, and overall productivity and business results.

Measuring the Success of Your Intranet Solution

Measuring the success of your intranet solution is essential to deliver the desired results and drive employee engagement. There are several key metrics to track, including:

  • Participation rates: Measure the percentage of employees who are actively using the intranet solution, as well as their level of engagement and participation in features such as forums, chats, and feedback.

  • Feedback and sentiment: Monitor employee feedback and sentiment regarding the intranet solution, including any areas for improvement or suggestions for new features.

  • Business results: Track key business metrics, such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and turnover rates, to evaluate the impact of the intranet solution on overall business results.

  • Employee retention: Measure employee retention rates to determine if the intranet solution is contributing to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

  • Cost savings: Evaluate any cost savings or efficiencies gained as a result of implementing the intranet solution, such as reduced training costs or improved communication.

By tracking these metrics and making any necessary adjustments, you can ensure that your intranet solution is delivering the desired results and driving employee engagement.


Boosting employee engagement is essential for organizations that want to remain competitive in today's rapidly evolving business environment. When choosing an intranet solution, be sure to consider key features such as integration with ADP, ease of use, mobile accessibility, customization, and collaboration tools. To ensure the successful implementation of your intranet solution and maximize employee engagement, involve key stakeholders and develop a clear strategy. 

The Workmates app integrates seamlessly with the ADP platform, allowing you to leverage employee data and insights to deliver a more personalized and engaging experience. The Workmates app by HR Cloud is a great tool for businesses looking to improve internal communication and enhance employee engagement. By following these best practices and leveraging the right technology, you can create a more engaged and productive workforce, driving better business results and staying ahead of the competition.  

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