HR Cloud Announces Partnership With UltiPro

Oct 02, 2018
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At HR Cloud, we're always looking for ways to provide our customers with more — more features, more integrations and, ultimately, more convenience. So we're really proud to announce our partnership with UltiPro; an HCM solution for companies operating in the financial, healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries. Read on to discover more about how the HR Cloud software suite seamlessly integrates with UltiPro.


More Convenience for UltiPro Users

Does your HR department use UltiPro? Then you'll love the convenience this integration affords your team!


Employee details from any of the software solutions inside the HR Cloud suite, for example Onboard, can easily be sent to the UltiPro application; eliminating the need for hours of tedious data re-entry. Transferable information includes:


Employee Demographic Details: Quickly transfer each employee's first and last name, gender and ethnicity, home address, marital status, personal phone numbers and more.


Employment Details: Employee position and department, work location, hire source, pay group and type, and benefits information (among other things) can also be easily transferred between HR Cloud and UltiPro.


A Simple 5 Step Process

The HR Cloud and UltiPro integration can be completed in five easy steps:

  1. First, login to your HR Cloud account and enable the UltiPro integration in the integrations section of the software.
  2. Then, add a new hire inside HR Cloud.
  3. Third, assign onboarding tasks to your new employee via the onboarding checklist feature inside HR Cloud's Onboard application.
  4. Next, have your new employee complete their direct deposit and W-4 forms inside HR Cloud.
  5. Lastly, HR admins simply need to click the "Add New Hire to UltiPro" button and all employee information will be securely transferred to UltiPro!
  6. More Integration, Better HR.

Here at HR Cloud, we continually strive to live up to our promise of "HR software made easy." We believe this partnership with UltiPro helps us deliver on that promise by further ensuring our customers have the integration abilities they need to be successful.


For more information on the HR Cloud/UltiPro integration, or to try it out for yourself, book a demo or contact one of our team members today!


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