HR Cloud Launches New Engagement Platform @ HR Tech

Oct 27, 2015
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HR Cloud drew the attention of HR Tech attendees with the release of its new Engagement Platform. Hundreds of demos were conducted at the HR Cloud booth, and HR pros flocked to the Demo Hall to see HR Cloud’s presentation.

The centerpiece of the new Engagement Platform is HR Cloud’s Social app. Social increases collaboration, recognition, and productivity by giving employees the ability to post, like, reply, and recognize team members’ accomplishments and initiatives. Based on an employee’s activity, Social produces an engagement score, showing an individual’s impact.

“We are doing something unique, bringing a full picture of engagement while providing traditional company data,” said HR Cloud CEO Damir Davidovic. “By shifting to engagement data you have a great opportunity to impact your company’s revenues & productivity.”

Social joins HR Cloud’s previously launched apps, including:HR_Tech_Engagement_Platform.jpg
People, where employees can discover shared interests and build relationships, making interactions more personal and supporting collaboration.
Onboard, which enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paperwork, processes, and training.
• Offboard, which automates the process of terminations while tracking and assigning tasks to the users responsible for completing offboarding tasks.
Kudosemployee recognition & social engagement software that increases morale and motivates employees to do their best.

HR Cloud is the modern HR software and engagement platform your employees will love. More information available at, @HRCloud, and 855-71-HRCLD.
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