HR Cloud Launches New HR Software at SHRM 15

SHRM 15 was one of the best conferences yet for HR Cloud. In general, attendees said the new HR software apps rocked. And reaction to the new booth design was stellar.

HR Cloud unveiled several new products at SHRM 15, including Directory, Social, Benefits, Assets, Time Off, and Offboard.

“HR professionals at SHRM were excited to see the addition of the new products to our already popular Core HR and Onboard solutions,” said Pamela Kubiak, HR Cloud Product Manager. “The addition of the new solutions keep employees engaged from day one through the end of their employment. The apps truly round out the employee’s lifecycle."

The new products include:

Directory, a free app from HR Cloud, that gives employees a fun and easy way to store important info about colleagues, discover shared interests, and build relationships.

Social, an app that integrates with Directory and aggregates posts from your entire company. With Social employees can write on the company wall, update their status, like, reply, and more.

Benefits, HR Cloud’s new benefit enrollment automation app. The easy-to-use solution collects all benefits data which can then be exported and sent to the benefits coordinator.

Assets, HR Cloud’s new asset tracking software that lets you know exactly who has what assets. Assets stores the details of hardware/software or other items that are being used by a particular employee.

Time Off, HR Cloud's leave request app, provides a way for employees to submit leave requests directly to their managers. Managers can approve or deny the requests, all while allowing HR to view the list of requests.

Offboard, which automates the process of terminations while tracking and assigning tasks to the users responsible for completing offboarding tasks.

New Call-to-action

Attendees that visited HR Cloud at SHRM received selfie sticks or portable battery chargers. Taking seflies on the huge HR Cloud couch was a ton of fun. Check out some of the pics below.

Thanks #SHRM15 for a great conference!

If you weren’t able to catch us at SHRM, don’t worry. You can still schedule a free demo of our new apps.