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HR Cloud Social is Now ‘Workmates’

Workmates is the new team engagement app that fosters culture and recognition developed by HR Cloud.

What makes work worthwhile? Is it the salary? The benefits? The promise of advancement? We believe it’s two things: the people you work with and maintaining a positive work life. It’s the receptionist who greets you when you arrive; the ones you have lunch with 3 days out of the week; the folks who help you build that presentation and stay a little late to crunch numbers; and, most importantly, the people that make up your team… your workmates.

Collaborating with your workmates is especially important when you consider that about 35% of our lives will be spent at work. So nurturing relationships with co-workers is essential for both personal and professional development. Typically online/mobile social feedback similar to what everyone is used to in their personal lives with social media apps, is crucial for relationship building and communication. So, building engagement with your teammates at work digitally in this fashion is additive to the enterprise environment as well.

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, says, “The greatest predictor of success and happiness at work is social support. And the greatest way to increase social support is to provide it to others.”

So why not try to make the best day of the year every day? Why not make 2017 the year of us? It is with this kind of thinking in mind that we developed an app to nurture team spirit and tap into the 71% of the workforce not actively engaged. Meet Workmates.

What is Workmates?

Workmates is the result of thousands of dedicated hours in R+D, led by CEO Damir Davidovic, and, without a doubt, the first must-have app of 2017. Formerly HR Cloud Social, which was a purely web based platform, Workmates is an entirely new and completely redesigned mobile app built from the ground up with increasing company engagement solely in mind. And given mobile's meteoric rise (Nielsen Company Audience Report finds the average American spends nearly half a day on mobile devices), we developed Workmates as native app for both iOS and Android.

What makes Workmates so different?

We didn't try to rapidly port our web app to mobile, but instead focused on mobile-first development from the ground up for the best user experience. We baked human resources information into useable social engagement that makes communication fluid and data that companies can use. We also designed and built the app to integrate with other popular apps like Google, Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Slack. So once workmates is downloaded you can sign-in, invite team members and integrate features right out of the box from moment one. And, oh yeah, it’s free.

Why should I download Workmates?

We are all social animals. We communicate. We tell stories. We share moments. We work in teams.

We built Workmates to build morale, bring people together, increase productivity and foster a positive work environment. After all, as Shawn Achor once told a TED audience, “Your brain at ‘Positive’ is 31% more productive than at negative, neutral or stressed.”

Workmates is your communications hub. Find and connect with anyone on any channel - be it through phone, chat, DM, group chat, text, email, Skype, twitter.

  • Increase Productivity: share information across teams, keep everyone in sync and improve employee performance.
  • Strengthen Teamwork: post comments and start discussions. Work together effectively as a team.
  • Support Innovation: Workmates lets employees share thoughts and ideas. The modern internal social networking platform promotes dialogue and makes communication fun.

Workmates is the last and only workforce communication tool you will ever have to download. It seamlessly merges mobile connectivity and web based software to make your team productive from anywhere. Since Workmates contains the functionality of a suite of apps, you can consolidate existing apps-for-work into one handy, turn-key solution. Because of this, Workmates’ functionality helps recognize great work across both large and small organizations, ultimately boosting teamwork and growing culture. This empowers you to bring together different locations, departments and events within one internal application rather than using a fleet of various platforms or social media channels. 

Every company is different. But the one common thread is keeping your team happy through recognition and engagement. Login to Workmates from our website or download Workmates in the app stores on iOS and Android and see for yourself how it reshapes your corporate culture for more engagement and productive teams.

Download Workmates today!

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HR Cloud is a leading developer of HR software & HRMS solutions for business with a focus on effective employee engagement. Founded in 2012, our HRIS empowers teams to easily onboard new hires, manage employee data, create a company social network and support employee development.

HR Cloud was created from the leaders at NEOGOV (founded in 1999 by CEO and Founder Damir Davidovic) the market and technology leader in on-demand human resources software for the public sector, with more than 1,500 government agencies and educational institutions using NEOGOV technology.

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