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HR Cloud Unveils Q3 Release to Onboard and Workmates

Aug 09, 2017
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We have shipped many enhancements this year but we couldn’t be more excited for our release here in Q3. We are introducing several new features highlighted by Org Chart, Company Branding, File Uploads, Browser Push Notifications and Directory improvements.

HR Cloud’s new Org Chart is accessible through both Onboard and Workmates creating even more interconnectivity within our platform. Your company hierarchy is now accessible by navigating on employee profiles and with a simple click you can see precisely where that particular employee sits in your company’s org chart. Moreover, upon hearing some helpful user feedback, Org Chart will be printable!

The long awaited Company Branding functionality has now arrived and not be overshadowed by Org Chart, it’s a big deal in its own right. This new feature now allows for a modification of the global aesthetic of your HR Cloud environment. Now your entire system will naturally be even more a part of your organization with the color and branding of your company.



Workmates post capabilities are becoming more advanced with File Uploads, this feature has also been on the roadmap for about a year and with it finally dropping, it’s big feather in the cap for our team who have been excitedly using it internally. With File Uploads now available on Workmates posts (in addition to tagging someone) documents can now easily be attached to posts, making it simpler than ever to share information. It’s ideal for Company Announcements or sharing a presentation, replacing email and sharepoint.

Also rolling out into Workmates are Browser Push Notifications, which introduces an even faster method of real time engagement with Workmates information. These notifications send out instantly becoming an effective way to communicate and decrease response times. The push notifications are available on Chrome and Safari. As long as the browser is active your desktop will receive announcements regarding kudos or company announcements.

HR Cloud’s Company Directory is new and improved getting a powerful boost to its functionally that helps you replace Excel. Directory’s new capabilities can filter, sort, export, customize view and generate reporting ability of grids. Directory is more advanced and tailored to sift through volumes of employee information like nothing on the marketplace.


This Q3 release was our most powerful yet! Our latest enhancement comes on the heels of the recent integrations with ADP, Greenhouse and Checkr. With the addition of Org Chart, it now gives a complete view of your company easily and Company Branding delivers a more customized look for your HR Cloud environment. File Uploads are the next generation of Workmates Posts, enriching your intenal social network. Browser Push Notifications will help Workmates be even more integral to internal communication and Company Directory has unmatched sorting and reporting  capabilities. We have more exciting enhancements on the horizon, be on the lookout for Groups!

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