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Maximize The Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS) with HR Cloud combined with ADP

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Employee Self Service (ESS) is an available feature in most modern HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) and allows employees to handle many HR related tasks on their own, minimizing the workload of busy HR admins. We wrote about this last week, here: Simplifying Employee Onboarding: How ESS Revolutionizes Company Productivity. 

When using ESS software, like HR Cloud for payroll, specifically with ADP, it helps simplify the payment process, making this traditionally tedious, time-consuming and error prone task a breeze for your business!

A Streamlined Solution

Once an ESS software system becomes part of your company's workflow, your employees will be able to input their own payment information without the direct involvement of an HR admin. This process can even be completed by new hires before their first day, ensuring accuracy and making sure they hit the ground running.

You'll also have piece of mind knowing your payroll is handled in complete compliance with both state and federal laws. When changes to withholding are necessary, ESS streamlines the process for your entire company.

Our Turnkey Solution

ADP, a recognized leader in the payroll industry, is an important HR Cloud partner. By integrating ADP with our software, HR users can conveniently log in to Onboard and/or Workmates with their ADP credentials, and import their entire workforce data with one click.

This turnkey solution means HR professionals can immediately begin using HR Cloud features and apps to onboard new hires, manage compliance, and foster company culture without the traditional hassle of manually exporting and importing information back and forth.

HR Cloud's Onboard meets and exceeds ADP’s rigorous security and UX standards, giving HR professionals the industry-leading tools they need with the data safety they expect.

HR Cloud's Employee Self Service is naturally a part of of our software and could be a powerful addition to your company's workflow and paired with our integration with ADP, can help ease the tedious nature of payroll for your team.

For more information on our ESS software, click here.

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HR Cloud is a leading developer of HR software & HRMS solutions for small and medium size businesses that have high turnover. HR Cloud's Onboard is market leading technology for effective new hire onboarding and Workmates enables employee engagement simply and easily. Founded in 2012, our HRIS empowers teams to easily onboard new hires, manage employee data, create a company social network and support employee development.

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