Nurturing a Workmates Culture: Company Directory

Feb 01, 2017
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The single biggest factor that makes a company thrive is its people. A solid workforce strengthens its teams, develops new ideas, keeps its leaders accountable and takes ownership of the organization’s trajectory. Keeping people informed and teams communicating effectively and swiftly is at the core of a strong organization. As Entrepreneur Magazine notes, company culture has proven to be a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have.”

But with a growing demand from employees of all generations for flexibility in their jobs, communicating with your workmates can be a challenge. Where can I find her email? Does he prefer to be contacted via Skype? Or via text? And with the rise in teams spread across the world, connecting with the right person while traveling or off-site can be difficult.

Welcome to Company Directory. Company Directory is your new communications hub. Easily locate your workmates information and connect with anyone on just about any channel. There are a plethora of ways workmates contact each other on a daily basis migrating from devices and tech; phone, text, chat, group chat, email, skype, twitter, linkedin and all are built into Company Directory. Proactive communication, the speed of communication, its corresponding response time and accessibility is what makes a Workmates Culture flourish.  Company Directory is useful for employees to contact peers or managers of other departments and teams. Company Directory flattens the communication hierarchy of a company.

“It’s like having everything workmates need to connect and communicate. The employee profile includes a tab that shows contact info, social IDs, posts, calendar and photos all in one place.” says Krishna Surendra Director of Engineering at HR Cloud. “And Company Directory gives you an easy and fast way to find workmates based on location, department and division.”

Because Company Directory gives employees a simple way to store important information about colleagues, individuals can:

-    Connect with your team on a personal and professional level

-    Discover shared interests

-    Access anyone at entire company swiftly

-    Communicate with each other instantly

-    Build relationships

-    Celebrate milestones

-    Grow with your team

Company Directory is a seamless and easy-to-use experience, on both mobile and web, so that your entire company is always within reach. Company Directory within Workmates mobile, allows users to access all of the data even when not connected to the internet, which is helpful when you may not have wifi or service when traveling. Company Directory's powerful features are continued into the web platform with the chat bar prominently located on the right side of the dashboard for simplified access to group chats and DMs. Additionally on the Company Directory web dashboard, workmates who are out of the office are featured on the top right making crucial information easily viewable and transparent.

A vibrant company culture is no longer optional, it’s critical. With the right mindset and technology, building a Workmates Culture is easy, it takes deliberate action and consistent communication… then you will see positive results.

Download Workmates today and see for yourself!

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