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Jul 29, 2014
Top Trends in HR Technology
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SHRM subject matter experts (SMEs) have laid out the top tech trends they see as having the biggest impact on the workplace & HR profession.

SHRM Special Expertise Panels, as they’re called, started putting together “trends lists” 5 years ago, “as a way for SHRM to tap into the cutting-edge insights from the most experienced thought leaders in the HR field.”

The lists are a way for HR professionals to see what SMEs believe to be slated to have the biggest impact on the HR field.

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Technology consultants over at HR Cloud are always interested in these trends, particularly those where we can have the greatest impact on helping HR professionals understand them better. Our technology consultants are seasoned at responding to questions related to the trend list, including...

Assuring employees that HR data is secure in the cloud. The question we often get asked related to this trend is, “How can HR Cloud assure that HR data is secure in the cloud?” —With HR Cloud all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored in an encrypted format, protecting important data.

Implementing better collaboration tools. We’re often asked, “How can HR Cloud solutions promote better collaboration?” —Employees can access HR Cloud at any time and keep real time records of activities. This will allow additional notifications to go out to other employees as tasks are available for them to complete.

Using technology to support business goals so HR can focus on strategy. HR professionals often want to know, “How can HR technology support my company’s business goals so I can focus on strategy?” —Allowing HR Cloud to automate some of the time-consuming processes, for example, gathering new hire paperwork, printing out evaluation forms, tracking missing paperwork, etc allows your employees to direct their time on your overall strategy.

The above are only a sample of 2014 tech trends in HR. See the full list of trends below:


Top Trends in HR Technology


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