Jun 05 2018

7 Reasons Why Smart Small Businesses Invest In HR

Good employees are at the forefront of any successful business. Without them, companies would never be able to deliver the services they do to their customers. But, in order to properly attract and care for these valuable staff members, an effective human resource foundation is necessary —  even for small businesses.

Compelling HR management can improve employee performance and productivity, as well as help maintain a pleasant relationship between management and workforce. Read on to discover how the knowledge and implementation of HR can greatly benefit your SMB.

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Apr 28 2016

Understanding "Leadership BS"

Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer has disturbed many managers with his new book Leadership BS. In the book he observes that while our leadership programs tell aspiring young managers to be virtuous, the data shows that most successful leaders diverge significantly from the saintly path. It’s easy to draw the conclusion that Pfeffer is advising leaders to get ahead by acting badly. That’s why people are upset.

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Mar 02 2016

HR Manager Named Among Best Jobs in Recent Study

The changing HR landscape is putting HR management front and center among desired positions in today's job market. According to recent research, HR managers rank as number six, sharing the spotlight with such popular professions as data scientists and mobile developers.

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Feb 16 2016

2016 HR Technology Trends Wrap Up | Tools & Trade

With fifteen years of the 21st century now in the past, HR is poised to benefit from emerging technologies more than ever before. Innovations in the field of HR technology are likely to spawn a steady uptake in adoption rates in 2016 and beyond. Here are some tech trends making splashes this year.

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Feb 03 2016

How Both Toxic & Productive Employees Cost You Money

Conventional wisdom holds that finding a productive employee is the Holy Grail for HR professionals. However, a recent Harvard Business School study turns that notion on its head.

While it is still important to look at a potential hire's probable productivity, the study reveals that a surprising relationship exists between toxicity and productivity.

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Dec 15 2015

How HR Can Make Engagement Relevant to Managers

Everyone wants engaged employees. But let’s face it, when HR shows leadership an engagement score, what do they get? —Maybe a blank stare, questions about the numbers, changing the subject... What’s up with that? Well, the main reason engagement takes managers out of their comfort zone is they don’t get how to change engagement. Let’s fix that. 

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