Oct 14 2014

3 Ways to Remove Workplace Stress

Many of us support the belief that if we work hard and put in long hours on the job, the stress that we deal with on a regular basis is a natural side effect of working in a high performance culture. In fact, if we’re not dealing with some sort of stress, it might appear that things are going too well and maybe we all need to work just a little harder. This is a myth.

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May 01 2014

3 Ways for HR to Gain Trust in the Workplace

Being an HR professional doesn’t make you a “company man” but can put you in the uncomfortable position of being a “middle man.” Representing both managers and employees can place a strain on your ability to be consistent, fair, and available to those around you. Against such strain, how does HR gain trust in the workplace?

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Apr 03 2014

Healthy Work Habits Promote Healthy Employees - See How

With the ability to work 24/7, employees are finding that work blends in with family and personal time. It can be impossible to separate the two. With work email on our smart phones and the ability to respond at a moment’s notice, we are working more than the typical 8-hour day. Whether that’s in the office or not, the amount of time we spend working can cause harm to our bodies.

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Mar 27 2014

3 Ways to Prepare for an Aging Workforce

We spend a lot of time discussing how to recruit and retain millennials, all while adjusting our management practices to accommodate flexibility in our work environment and attract great talent. This is great, but are we focusing enough attention on our aging workforce?

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Mar 06 2014

Achieving Gender Balance & Diversity in the Work Place

A recent Harvard Business Review article, “Stop ‘Fixing’ Women and Start Fixing Managers” reviews a study on gender parity conducted by Dr. Elisabeth Kelan and King’s College and sponsored by KPMG. The study examined the results of a series of questions posed to 15 CEOs, across industry. “What are your challenges with gender parity in the work place?” According to the study, 3 issues stood out.

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Feb 06 2014

How to Balance Work and Home life for Remote Employees

Addressing the needs of working parents is one way to make sure you’re engaging your workforce. Depending on your industry, you may find that most of your employee base works non-traditional shifts, placing them outside of the home during the hours that are most beneficial to their families. One way to increase employee engagement is to help limit outside influences that cause stress during the work day and impacts their performance.

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