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A Better Onboarding Experience Leads to Better Results for All About Kids

For the last 30 years, All About Kids has been dedicated to providing evaluations, individual and group therapy services, consultations, and service coordination services for children. The wide range of programs and services covers all aspects of a child’s development, fostering enhanced team coordination and tailored treatment plans.

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All About Kids recently faced many challenges related to the way it onboarded new employees as well as how it assigned and managed their tasks. The main challenge was related to its use of a manual, paper-based onboarding approach that wasted too much time and just wasn’t as efficient as HR would have liked. It took too much time and effort to ensure that important documents were not overlooked in their efforts to help avoid potential compliance concerns.

Developing the Foundation for Project Success

All About Kids selected HR Cloud and its Onboard and People solutions to automate and streamline new-hire processes and vital employee management workflows.

The entire experience started on the right foot, thanks to the HR Cloud account management team. “The HR Cloud team painstakingly spent innumerable hours listening and learning about the company’s complicated state-regulated onboarding credentialing compliance mandates,” said Jesse Rose, Provider Recruitment, Onboarding, and Compliance Manager. “From there, they helped us develop a customized onboarding system that matched our needs with a face-forward, friendly interface for potential new hires.”

Rose offered a special appreciation to Grga Kordić, their HR Cloud Account Manager. “Grga’s knowledge and patience seemed limitless during the development of our onboarding system,” he said. “For every compliance mandate we explained, no matter how complicated, Grga either on the spot had a system solution for us, or with a smile would tell us to let him think about it some more. Within a day or two, he would be ready to demonstrate the technical solution.”

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A Better Experience Starts on Day 1

Now, instead of presenting new employees with paper documents and forms on their first day, HR can use digital documents and e-Signature-enabled forms to deliver this information before employees even start.

With HR Cloud, All About Kids successfully streamlined and optimized its processes related to the collection of important documents. Managers create custom workflows to make sure everyone is included and assign tasks so everyone knows their role. For example, managers use HR Cloud to create tasks to make sure employees submit the right documentation and meet certain assigned deadlines, which has led to a highly structured, organized system for document collection.

“HR Cloud helped us significantly improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of our documentation processes,” said Rose.“Instead of trying to get it all done on their first day – where sometimes certain documents were overlooked – we now use HR Cloud to automate the entire process and create the right tasks to make sure we collect all the information we need.”

“HR Cloud has been a win-win-win for All About Kids. The solution automated our entire onboarding experience, helped us create a workflow to make sure we collect the right documentation, and delivered a much better experience for new employees.”

Jesse Rose

Provider Recruitment, Onboarding, and Compliance Manager

Complete Visibility Leads to Complete Control

The HR Cloud solution has delivered many additional benefits. “We now have complete visibility into any employee’s onboarding process,” explained Rose. “We can meticulously review all the information they’ve submitted, which allows us to update our records to enhance the accuracy of our official document and make sure nothing is ever missed.”

This new level of visibility immediately paid dividends. “We recently had a situation where we needed to document the vaccination status for a group of employees,” said Rose. “Yet we didn’t know if we’d need this for all onboarding processes in the future, so we didn’t know how to tackle it. HR Cloud allowed us to quickly adapt and develop a custom task to accomplish this goal and ensure our records are always up to date.”

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Compliance Made Easy

The fact that the HR Cloud system could be customized helped All About Kids improve their ability to manage a diverse workforce and remain in compliance. “One of the biggest benefits from the HR Cloud system is how it helped us align our data collection process with our specific goals,” said Rose. “This helped us improve employee engagement and simplify our compliance efforts.”

All About Kids is now in a much better position when it comes to adapting to new regulations. Even if new mandates or requirements come out, the HR Cloud solution gives All About Kids an easy way to develop specific tasks for distinct employee groups. “The flexibility of the HR Cloud system is invaluable in ensuring compliance and has helped us to stay a step ahead of changing document collection requirements,” said Rose. “I don’t know where we’d be without HR Cloud.”

An Unexpected Outcome for Recruitment

All About Kids was aware that its past hard-copy paper onboarding was not a good look to new hires, was dating the company terribly, and even turned off candidates from completing their onboarding with us.

“Immediately after the rollout of our new HR Cloud onboarding system, our company enjoyed a surge in applications from potential new hires from a wide range of demographics who remained interested to onboard and attracted to our company with the digital onboarding process,” said Rose. “In this day and age when recruitment is key to the success of companies, HR Cloud’s value is immeasurable.”

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Positioned for Long-Term Success

As All About Kids looks to the future, the company is confident it made the right choice. “HR Cloud has helped us overcome past issues related to onboarding, and so much more,” said Rose. “We now give new hires a much better experience while still making sure we get exactly the right information to remain in compliance. HR Cloud has exceeded our expectations.”

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