Human Resource Information System:
A Little Piece of HR Software Goes a Long Way

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Human Resource Management System:
A Little Piece of Software Goes a Long Way


Tying it All Together

Without the proper HR software, managing your employee database is tedious, time consuming and ineffective. Organize and track crucial information in our customizable, secure and compliant HRIS system.

HRMS Tying it All Together
HRMS Stay on Top of Things

Stay on Top of Things

Accuracy and organization are the secret to an effective employee database program. We provide both. Track every piece of employee information — including healthcare data, contact details, used and unused benefits, historical position and more — inside our HRMS software.

Any Way You Want It

Our HRMS gives you the power to manage your employee system database the way you want. Create customized sections for each employee and track everything from their specific skill sets, preferred equipment, and level of user access to their favorite music and pizza toppings. At HR Cloud we create HR solutions you'll actually love using.

HRMS Any Way Yout Want It
HRMS The Low-Down on the Breakdown

The Low-Down on the Breakdown

Effective HR systems should be easy to use and improve efficiency. That's why our employee database management software comes with Org Chart; a dynamic overview of your company that's updated in real time. Enjoy the view of your company’s hierarchies, understand who’s who in each department, and easily update profile information. It's your employee records software simplified and ready to go.

We Have Your Back

To stay compliant, your company must accurately track employee information like social security numbers, healthcare data, and I9 documents. Our employee database system helps you avoid costly compliance mistakes and keeps your data safe through multi-vendor firewalls, an application-aware perimeter network, and real-time data replication.

HRMS We Have Your Back
Always in the Know
Always in the Know

Can’t remember who loves to listen to Cardi B? Does anybody still need to fill out their I-9? Is there a birthday coming up? Now you don't have to know the answers to these types of questions. Instead, use the one click reporting feature and instantly run detailed reports on each employee within your organization. It's quick. It's easy. It's better software for HR.

Integrating with our Besties

As the song goes, we get by with a little help from our friends. HR Cloud provides integrated payroll, background check solutions, applicant tracking systems and performance management solutions, all to make your experience with HR Cloud as easy and streamlined as possible.

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Each company is different, therefore, each onboarding process is different. We’ll show you how to tailor Onboard to your organization over a live demo.

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