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12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

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Happier and more engaged employees lead to improved performance and increased productivity, which in turn drives greater company revenue. However, finding the right employee engagement software solution can be difficult. 

Employee engagement is critical for any organization - it's been linked to better retention rates, productivity, and overall profitability. So, it's no surprise that employee engagement software is becoming more and more popular. But with so many providers in the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips on how to pick the best employee engagement software provider for your organization or business.

What is Employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software helps employees feel more valued and fulfilled in their work, leading to increased productivity, satisfaction, and happiness. By identifying and addressing problems in the workplace such as low morale or workplace stress caused by a lack of employee feedback - employee engagement software can create a more positive work environment for everyone.

Employee engagement software puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to your business by being proactive about creating a work environment that is healthy and productive. Instead of relying on manual processes, which can be time-consuming and inaccurate, employee engagement software automates the process of collecting employee feedback and analyzing the results. This provides you with a real-time overview of the state of your organization, so that you can identify what areas are working well and which ones need attention. 

What makes Employee engagement software so important?

Employee engagement software is a tool used to measure and improve employee engagement. 

  • The surveys provide you with an overview of the state of your organization in real-time, which is difficult to obtain through other means.

  • Employee engagement software will provide you with the data and actionable insights you need to improve employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity. 

  • Helps create an employee experience where they feel valued, creating a positive effect on business performance and overall bottom line.

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How to choose the best employee engagement software vendor for your organization/business?

When you're looking for employee engagement solutions to improve, it's important to find a vendor that offers the best employee engagement software for you. Here are some useful tips to consider when you're evaluating different vendors

  • Wide Range of Options with Customization 

Make sure the vendor offers a variety of employee engagement software solutions. You want to make sure they have a range of options so that you can find the right solution for your company.  Find a vendor who is willing to work with you to customize a solution. Every company is different and, therefore, the vendor should be willing to tailor their offering to your specific needs. 
Wide range of options with customization

  • Proven Experience & Expertise 

Check whether the vendor has experience in your industry and with engagement softwares. They should be able to help you in interpreting the software results and offer a plan for post-survey coaching and action. Get references from other companies who have used the vendor's services. Ensure that you're working with a reputable company that has a track record of success. 

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

  • Customer Service & Support  

Get a sense of their customer service and support. The vendor should provide technical support during every phase of the project. A reliable and responsive employee engagement software partner, specializing in technical support outsourcing, is key to success. Leverage a partner that prioritizes your goals, understands what you want to discover, and provides a success plan.  

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

  • The Ease of Use

Before you finalize a vendor for employee engagement software, check whether it is easy to use and intuitive and whether you can access results quickly. The results and reports of surveys provided should be clear, meaningful, and segmented into various groups that help you make informed decisions and implement result-oriented solutions in the workplace. 

The easiest employee app

  • The Cost Factor 

While cost is a very important consideration, evaluate carefully whether you can select a product that saves money in the short term and what may be the costs your organization might incur in the long term. Make sure it fits in your budget and that your vendor provides end-to-end software with no hidden costs. 

Cost of an employee app

  • Quick Access to Data

Employee engagement survey results are important, but they're also time-sensitive because employees’ feelings, employee sentiment and opinions are constantly changing, and this is applicable even more if you have remote employees. How long do you want to keep your employees waiting to hear back from you after they've taken the survey? Your vendor software should be able to compile the results and hand over the reports relatively quickly using the survey tool. 

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

Your vendor should make it easy for you to see results of Pulse Surveys as soon as possible. After you’ve received enough responses to compile a decent amount of data, the results should be available for anyone who needs it. This level of transparency helps speed up responses and gives you a sense of your employees’ opinions using the software so that you can formulate your strategic response as soon as you receive the feedback. 

  • Vendor that understands what motivates people at work

Understanding how to engage employees starts with comprehending what motivate employees and individuals at various points in their life. What drives someone to work may be entirely different from the next person, whether it’s millennials searching for purpose-driven jobs, older adults wanting stability, or Gen Zs looking to take on new roles. There's no universal way to engage employees. This is where employee engagement software comes in handy as it can help you discover the customs of your company's culture. 

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

  • Validated software, based on science

The main purpose of using employee engagement software is to be more methodical in your decision-making instead of based purely on intuition. It's important to select a software solution that is rooted in science with a vendor who can provide a dependable, validated foundation. Don’t go for quick fixes. Employee engagement software shouldn't be considered as a one-size-fits-all solution but rather as one part of employee engagement programs that have multiple components – where employee engagement process metrics form the key. 

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

  • Tools to improve Employee engagement 

Although using employee engagement software is a good way to show you're interested in having a workforce that cares, it doesn't necessarily improve employee engagement on its own. You need to do more than just use the software if you want to see real change. The best employee engagement software vendors are the ones who will provide you with other employee engagement tools that can help improve your workplace situation. 

Employee engagement app

  •  Intuitive reporting system

The vendor you choose should give your managers easy-to-read reports so they can always be in-the-know about how their teams are feeling. Your dashboard should be personalized and simple to understand so you can take action quickly. The vendor you choose should also provide an overall metric, favourability and response rate, including all questions and comments in order to get the most accurate understanding of your employee engagement.

12 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Vendor for Employee Engagement Software

  •  Integration with your tech stack 

An employee engagement platform is only as good as its integrations. Make sure they have a robust platform that can meet your needs. If it can't connect with the tools you're already using, it's not going to be very helpful. The best employee engagement platforms offer seamless integration with the tools you're already using.  The software should align with the best practices you already follow. After all, the whole point of an employee engagement platform is to streamline your processes, making them more convenient and efficient where integrations are an indispensable part of that puzzle.

All the integration you need

  •  Understand the importance of culture and engagement

Make sure you select a vendor that practices what they preach. Many organizations evaluating vendors don't even consider this as a must-have criterion, but it's essential. Your vendor should have a strong culture, a higher level of engagement, and a proven track record of listening to and acting on employee feedback. Only when the vendor has an engaged organization it is proof that they know what they're selling and whether they understand the benefits of an engaged company culture. 

Culture of the workplace

Prioritizing employee success drives business success. You can use these criteria when looking for an ideal employee engagement software vendor that effectively provides support for your people initiatives with their software and performance management. A lack of employee engagement costs businesses all over the world hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The need of the hour is to invest in the best employee engagement software for your needs.  

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This article is written by a marketing team member at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of proven HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee communications & engagement, and rewards & recognition. Our user-friendly software increases employee productivity, delivers time and cost savings, and minimizes compliance risk.

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