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12 Reasons Why You Should Be Rewarding Your Employees

Why You Should Be Rewarding Your Employees
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It is important to recognize and appreciate employees' achievements. It is a challenging task to lead a team and be a good mentor to your team members. When employees learn that their work is being valued, it enhances their engagement and loyalty toward their job. Their bond with your firm is strengthened and tension in the workplace is reduced. 


Some reasons why rewarding employees is important are as follows:

1. Enhanced productivity

When an employee does his task sincerely and produces great results, the employer needs to appreciate and thank him. When an employee sees that his work is admired, he will feel motivated and will try to produce better results in comparison to the previous ones. It boosts his engagement and aids in increased productivity.

2. Happy workplace

There is no doubt in the fact that happy employees will lead to the creation of a merry workplace. The employer not only needs to say ‘thanks’ or ‘great work’ but also give the employee a significant reward so that he feels motivated and proud. This will enhance his confidence and he will be more inclined towards doing better for your company.

3. Bond between the employee and the employer

When you appreciate and recognize an employee’s work and efforts, it builds a great bond between manager and employee. The presence of a good bond between the two will automatically lead to a positive and healthy environment, avoiding a toxic workplace atmosphere.

It is important that employees feel comfortable talking around you and can present their views and opinions for the betterment of the company. Both should be able to identify and appreciate each other’s abilities.

4. Recognition programs

This is crucial to employees since they are rewarded for their hard work and efforts. However, it is not just employees but also the management which gets recognized and praised. It helps in identifying A-players and stars. This also aids management to promote their work and enhance their business.

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5. Work as a family

The improvement of employee recognition is not just felt from the eyes of managers but peers too. It is important that your colleagues too identify and praise your abilities. They should be able to see the kind of effort you are putting in your work to make it a success. It establishes comradeship between colleagues and happens to increase teamwork. It helps to make everyone work as a unit.

6. Retention of loyalty

An employee’s loyalty is retained when he receives recognition and appreciation from his manager. It is necessary to celebrate the achievements of your employee and praise him timely. This will also let the employee have maximum time to work. They will work longer for your company and therefore help in increasing the retention rates.

7. Stay engaged

A certain amount of recognition and appropriate reward will make the employees engage more in their work. They will be more than happy to work with you. 

When you know that there is a better offer waiting for you, you tend to work harder to achieve that goal. The reward sometimes acts as bait and the employee gets a clearer picture of what he is supposed to do.

8. Company values

No matter how successful you are there are a certain set of rules and values that your company follows. These need to be enforced as much as possible.

Some methods to promote the work of employees and appreciate them are:

-Apply their pictures as wallpaper on desktop wherever possible. 

-Name your meeting rooms after them. 

-Provide name templates to everyone in their cabin. 

-Welcome them with warm words. 

-Make them feel like an integral part of your firm.

These small gestures will make them feel good and motivated. Appreciate everyone for their efforts and strategies and not just the ones who increased sales. Appreciate everyone who worked behind you. Treat them as equals. Everyone’s unique ability makes them special in their way.

9. Instant recognition

You don't need to recognize someone’s effort and hard work only when results are obtained. It is all about timing. If you see that your team is working extremely hard towards achieving the target goal and is not leaving any stone unturned to prove an asset for your company, why not appreciate them on the spot. 

You can call for a meeting, make a presentation, and praise them for being super productive. This behavior can be repeated time and again to improve employee loyalty and to keep them motivated.

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10. Bliss

When you will spend some time recognizing and admiring your employee’s work, you will see that the overall feeling in the office will be soothing and relaxing. There will be a sense of calmness. The employees will be much happier and productive. 

They will be more comfortable working with you. They will feel wanted and the tension will be decreased. Your few minutes of appreciation and care will make their day. They will be more inclined towards doing your work.

11. Offer a gift

This is going one step ahead in the process of recognition. You can give a gift card to your employees who excel in doing their work. This gesture of yours will go a long way for you. The gift card will act as something personal to the employee and he will be happier. He will try to work harder to regain your appreciation and reward.

12. Open gates for recruits

Your recognition and good behavior towards your employees will make them refer you to others also. Employer branding is a great technique in today’s workplace. Your efforts and praise skills will let employees recommend you to some of their other colleagues too who may be interested in joining your firm. 

This is very tricky and smart to take when looking out for more recruits. Always remember to treat your team with dignity and respect as your behavior and image will be naturally reflected in their work and increase employee advocacy.


All the above-mentioned methods can help you in creating a healthy working environment and boosting your employee’s confidence and production, which will ultimately benefit your business.

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About Author: Sunil Gupta is the CEO of ACG Digital Marketing, and their company specializes in guest blogging, content marketing services, and many other SEO services. Sunil Gupta is a fun-loving person, but at the same time, he believes in providing high level of professionalism and compliance with deadlines.

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