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4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Face of HR

4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Face of HR
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Improvements and advancements in modern technology have completely changed the way that companies and staff view work in the modern world. From the development of remote-access web tools and secure communication platforms designed to benefit all 4.7 million US-based remote workers, to AI-informed analytics programs intended to help improve engagement and productivity. 

Utilizing intelligent technology to streamline essential operations helps IT, security and management teams to focus on the more complicated aspects of their roles as well as ensure that all employees feel supported and secure, though it’s HR teams that perhaps benefit most from modern technology.  

With the benefit of reliable data analysis, smart technology and AI-informed automations, today’s HR teams are well equipped to recruit the right staff, build high-performing teams and ensure that all employees achieve their full potential. Here are 4 ways technology is revolutionizing the face of HR. 


Enhanced employee engagement 

Employee engagement is amongst the most important metrics to evaluate when assessing the overall productivity and efficiency of any business, in fact, studies indicate that a highly engaged workforce can increase profitability by as much as 21% and lead to a 17% increase in measurable productivity.  

Unfortunately, ensuring that all employees feel appropriately engaged with their work can be a difficult task for many organizations, with the recent State of the Global Workforce 2022 report finding that only 21% of employees on a global scale are able to meet this definition. HR professionals are well positioned to directly improve this metric, especially with the aid of efficient modern software tools. 

By utilizing performance management systems and intelligent data analysis programs, HR staff can gain a deeper understanding of how different employees engage with their work, helping to develop personalized goals and performance-based rewards to further motivate staff as well as form high-performing teams with the aid of actionable employee feedback and reliable data-informed insights. 

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Intelligent AI automations 

AI technology has seen a recent boom across multiple modern industries, with 37% of businesses and organizations now employing some form of AI-informed technology in order to perform essential operations. Considering the massive amounts of data that HR teams must assess to ensure that all staff feel supported and engaged, utilizing AI tools to streamline workflows can provide huge benefits. 

By integrating AI technology alongside existing essential programs such as employee feedback tools, productivity monitors and time tracking software, machine learning can help to identify patterns and make data-informed decisions to reduce some of the workload traditionally shouldered by HR teams. 

Integrating automated AI solutions such as these can improve response times and aid HR staff in developing proactive solutions to address potential issues as soon as data insights begin to signal changes in productivity or engagement, ultimately contributing to a more positive work environment.  

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Proactive security policies 

With 74% of US companies using or planning to implement hybrid work models, and 26% already running entirely remote workforces, HR departments are increasingly tasked with ensuring that large quantities of private employee and company data are appropriately secured within online programs.  

Additionally, as more organizations continue to develop converged security networks in which physical devices like surveillance systems for businesses are connected via online platforms, it’s more important than ever that HR and IT teams use modern tech to protect against data breaches. 

Modern technology allows for all company devices and online platforms to be secured behind unique user credentials, multi-factor authentication and monitored access controls, with HR teams able to view and adjust these features as well as secure all sensitive employee information within intelligent management platforms featuring advanced password protections designed to prevent cyber-attacks

As an added security layer, HR departments can benefit from using an identity theft service to help safeguard employee data and prevent potential breaches. In this regard, is Identity Guard still worth the price? HR professionals should evaluate the service's features and cost-effectiveness to determine if it aligns with their company's needs and budget.

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Diversity and inclusion benefits 

Recruitment and onboarding processes in general have been dramatically improved by the advent of comprehensive software programs and data-driven analytics tools, with modern HR teams able to utilize cloud-based applicant tracking systems to ensure that the right candidates are always chosen. 

Using data analysis and intelligent automations in this way helps to reduce the workload of HR teams and gifts professionals more time to focus on ideal candidates, but beyond this, by ensuring that the metrics used to identify candidates are purely data-based, unconscious biases can be avoided. 

Companies that turn to AI-informed and data-driven recruitment software programs can ensure that any potential new hires are always measured only on the merit of their marketable skills and ability to perform requested roles, entirely removing all data regarding race, age or gender from the equation. 


The modern workforce has been fundamentally changed by the advent of smart technology and intelligent data analytics, with organizations across almost all industries utilizing some form of AI, cloud-based services or informed software tools to improve efficiency, productivity and engagement. 

HR professionals have seen their roles dramatically improved and refined through the use of these technologies, with the ability to make informed decisions regarding recruitment, onboarding, staff performance and data security to ultimately reduce workloads and improve resource management. 

By using reliable data to make informed decisions, and removing unconscious biases via AI data analytics, modern HR departments can facilitate a much more inclusive, diverse, engaged and productive workforce to ensure that teams across all sectors are truly able to achieve their full potential. 

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Author Bio:

This article is written by a marketing team member at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of proven HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee communications & engagement, and rewards & recognition. Our user-friendly software increases employee productivity, delivers time and cost savings, and minimizes compliance risk.

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