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5 Ways HR Technology Can Improve Performance Reviews

Mar 24, 2021
5 Ways HR Technology Can Improve Performance Reviews
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For many reasons, HR technology is a critical development for people in the operation resource field. HR professionals typically have the responsibility to ensure the wellness of every employee at the workplace. They also try to make sure that everyone is working efficiently and productively. However, for the most part, no one is watching after the wellness of these people. No one is looking at ways to help them work more efficiently and save time at work. They have to perform optimally while also ensuring that other employees in different departments are performing optimally. So they went up burning themselves out and getting stressed out, which is not an ideal situation for them.

According to an HR personnel survey by People Management, 37% of people that work in HR become extremely overwhelmed by their work once per week at the very least, and four times a month. At the same time, about 50% claim to feel stress once every month at least. According to the same survey, 44% of HR professionals think that their mental health is affected negatively by how they work or the kind of work they do. And 38% say that their physical wellbeing is also affected by their workload.

The employee offboarding process

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This shows how much workload is placed on HR professionals and how they are affected by it. This means that necessary tools and machinery need to be put in place to deal with time-consuming tasks and help the HR employees work more efficiently. This will help to reduce their stress level and also improve their overall employee experience. The same People Management research shows that more than 50% of HR personnel feel that automation is essential and would improve their work efficiency and level of productivity.

While performance reviews are essential at the workplace, it has gotten a bad reputation over time. It is now a common feature for people to give a negative response to the critical feedback which they get from their performance reviews.

Not many HR professionals believe that their annual performance reviews are a correct appraisal of an employee's performance. Also, a good number of HR professionals believe that the process of performance reviews needs re-evaluation.

This proves one thing: performance reviews aren’t working out anymore.

This is where HR technology comes into play. It’s essential to improve the process of the performance review as this makes a lot of difference. There are now too many human management systems and technologies available for use, and failure to take advantage of them will be the organization's fault. HR technology can help you achieve a whole lot and benefit your HR team greatly. Here are five ways through which this can happen.


Focusing on collaboration

With the introduction of HR technology, it is easier for both managers and employees to collaborate during the process of performance review. It is popularly believed that combining the feedback from an employee’s manager and other people within the organization helps to paint an excellent picture of the employee’s performance.

Some of these HR technology tools can help manage real-time performance, provide continuous learning for employees, schedule private meetings, and improve workplace communication.

Empower HR department for better compliance management

The HR person in a business organization is responsible for numerous tasks, and one of these is compliance management. Often, this comes with a small time frame, and it becomes difficult to beat the deadline or avoid penalties. Ordinarily, this puts the employees under a lot of pressure to perform, which adds to the employee's stress.

However, if your organization can set up HCMS (Human Capital Management System), then the HR employees will be able to work effectively. This is the best way to improve performance at your workplace. This will ensure that your employees will get prompts for when they are eligible for benefits or are working towards overtime hours. This process’s automation will ensure that the company remains compliant with FLSA (Fair Labor Standard Act) and ACA (Affordable Care Act) regulations.

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Improves organization within the company

James Braddy, HR expert, and author at write my dissertation, once said that without an organization system for the HR processes, performance reviews would be a lot harder and messier.

One of the reasons why performance reviews became ineffective in many organizations is the failure to introduce organizational systems. These tools are meant to improve the management process to ease the workload of the HR professionals. As long as you do not put these tools in place, performance reviews will be complex and ineffective. However, these tools help make things easier.

For instance, HR technology tools allow managers to monitor employee goals, challenges, and accomplishments. With each task that the employee completes, the manager gets an email and a weekly report status, so it is easier to gauge their employees’ real-time performance.

Build open communication

For performance reviews to improve, employees and employers must have open and transparent communication among themselves.

There is no way you can talk about improving the performance review process without improving the organization’s level of communication. An excellent performance review process requires transparency, and there’s no better way to ensure transparency than building the foundation for open communication.

The use of HR software makes it possible for employees to discuss the company goals with the employers to make the employees’ expectations clearer. With this, employees will have a good idea of how their performance goals align with the organization’s goals.

One of the best ways for managers within an organization to realize employee goals is to make sure that they remain accessible to the employees. This way, they will be able to find out their dreams, goals, pain point, point of improvement, etc.

For instance, some HR technology tools ensure that workplace communication is open by keeping the employees informed, on behalf of the manager, through email reminders about reviews and goals.

Collect employee feedback

Getting feedback from employees is a vital role of the HR department in an organization. Setting up a system for employees to send in constructive feedback will boost engagement, retention and facilitate the performance review process.

HR technology allows HR to create a feedback mechanism and a program to check continuous progress. This will keep the employees’ momentum and improve their performance. Ultimately, the performance review is more comfortable and straightforward when the performance is good and the goals are reached.

As important as it is to get feedback from customers to improve products and service delivery, there’s no way to ensure these improvements without employee input. Employee feedback is almost as important as customer feedback, if not even more critical. There is no way you can improve the management process of your organization without getting feedback from employees.

Employee feedback ensures that you can continue to improve your internal processes, of which performance review is an important part. To do this, you need the right tools.

With the right tools, HR personnel and managers will be able to address problems that they notice in the employee feedback. Failure to go through this feedback and handle common complaints means that the organization is risking having their employees dissatisfied with their treatment. In the end, this can lead to poor performance, which will affect the overall output of the company.


The workload of the HR teams is getting even heavier with more complex operations and increased responsibility. Although this isn’t a bad thing on its own, it shows that the company is growing. It becomes a problem when the organization doesn’t put the right tools in place to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace.

It is therefore imperative that they adopt a technological approach to solving their problems in the organization.

The introduction of HR technology, especially in dealing with the performance review process, makes it much more comfortable and straightforward. Before now, the process of performance review has been ineffective and challenging. However, the introduction of technology into this process has smoothened things out and made it a reliable and essential part of business operation once again. Some of the ways that these tools help to improve performance reviews are discussed in this article.

About Author: Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist and editor and one of the former essay writers at write my essay UK. She has been working in a newspaper in Salt Lake City for four content providing dissertation writing services. She is also a content writing expert in such topics as psychology, modern education, business, and marketing innovations. She is a master in her craft.

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