How HR Can Support Remote Employees?

Dec 02, 2022
How HR Can Support Remote Employees?
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Working remotely is growing in popularity as it becomes easier and more affordable to set up a completely functional workplace at home or on the go. How can HR maintain communication with a remote workforce? 

The correct remote workspace is even more crucial for productivity, worker safety, and well-being.  Whether it comes to construction, safety, or transportation, it is essential.  A competent HR team may take actions to assure your team's success as you plan for remote teams or remote working arrangements.

12 Tips on How HR Can Support Remote Employees

Want to know how you can support remote employees? Read below:

  • Create Expectations

Changes are inevitable when a new method of operation is adopted. Uncertainty about the new procedures, communication methods, and employee deliverable expectations causes discomfort. 

You can outline these expectations with HR manager and department heads as an HR representative. Make documentation and provide information about how to discuss routine meetings, output from work, deadlines, etc. You may encourage practical work by establishing expectations and conveying them to others. 

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  • The rapidity of Response is Crucial

Regular communication keeps remote workers informed and demonstrates your respect for their time and attention. It illustrates the importance of giving your remote staff the deadlines and objectives. As a remote worker, it frequently rests on the individual to establish the ideal working environment. 

They are, therefore, in charge of maintaining contact. Keeping your reaction times brief will make it simpler for your staff to keep you informed. Remote project management can be complex at start. Experiential learning and improvement are possible.

  • Observe Payroll Rules

Depending on where they reside, remote employees may be subject to different payroll laws. To avoid fines and penalties, adhering to payroll requirements is imperative. Make sure the needs of those who work from home are met. 

Monitor their performance and maintain contact with them. The executive board must operate shrewdly and methodically. Regulators may monitor variations in the minimum wage, tax withholding, and workers' compensation.

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  • Use of New Tools and Technology

Using new tools and technologies will be one of the most significant changes in remote working. Using an online HR platform may simplify tasks like PTO requests and perks. Programs and tools that aid in the performance of their duties must be available to employees. This can involve software for developing, managing and creating content, and more. Video conferencing is also an effective technique for staying engaged.

The firm and personnel who handle contracts with customers and suppliers might benefit from legal documentation tools and e-signatures. Including security and data privacy protections and the appropriate technologies is critical. As more work is done online, this safeguards the company's assets and guarantees the privacy of your employees' information. 

  • Provide Comfort and Satisfaction to Employees

Regularly creating engagement is a necessary action where you can make a big difference. Making events and activities that bring your team together and encourage interaction is enjoyable and good for your well-being. Slack talks with a theme and questions to better understand one another are entertaining ways to interact online. 

You are likely to get intriguing answers when you ask questions about food preferences or anything else. Hold online gatherings to foster communication.  If you do, make sure to buy RDP online for online communication to provide utmost safety and effective networking environment. This year, instead of our usual retreat, we held a day-long online retreat with games, tests, and other activities. Birthdays and work anniversaries should be quietly observed. 

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  • Ask for Opinions

There will be difficulties and disruptions in these times of transformation. People may have trouble communicating with one another or using particular instruments. Some workers may experience disengagement and disinterest. It could impair productivity or cause other problems. It won't be easy, but you can make it easier by listening. 

This entails frequently soliciting feedback and providing a forum for discussion. And also, it entails paying attention to what others say. Encourage your staff to keep sending in comments using a survey or a submission form on an internal page. Feedback can also be gathered via casual discussions and online meetings. 

  • Provide Cooperative Environment

Provide a shared record that monitors work activities. Even when teams are in the office, it's a useful exercise that will aid managers greatly. It helps in clarifying what exactly is expected of workers during this uncertain time. 

The use of apps for remote working can be beneficial. Also, come to agreements on what constitutes appropriate virtual teamwork conduct. 

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  • Provide HR Self-Service

Additional platforms provide quick ways to submit expenses and request time off. Employees who work outside the office frequently have less access to HR. It includes informal communication channels like strolling up to the HR department and asking a quick inquiry. 

HR may address this by providing self-service portals so workers can complete more tasks independently, such as locating solutions to frequently asked queries. The time it takes an employee to access their payroll and benefit information can be reduced with the use of self-service HR solutions.

  • Stay Flexible in New Situations

The HR manager needs to be receptive to change and willing to listen. This will enable the group to continue producing work while operating remotely. Understanding is improved by putting new digital solutions into practice and communicating frequently. 

Doing this lets you learn about the significant life events that affect your staff members and recognize their achievements. For effective employee engagement, monitoring and acknowledging internal shifts among the workforce is essential. In this manner, the HR manager can progressively implement new regulations that consider remote workers' requirements.

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  • Elaborating Communication Guidelines

Face-to-face communication is no longer safe, so it's crucial to establish efficient communication channels and cultivate a high level of response. By implementing a multichannel communication protocol, you and the staff will have more options for communication and information gathering. 

Keep all business-related and formal contact emails alone. People don't have to reply in these circumstances. Invest in a live video conferencing system like Zoom or a complete system like Microsoft Teams. Set a deadline for email responses and commit to responding promptly.

  • Establish Appropriate Benchmarks

Since performance evaluations can be subjective, it's crucial to collaborate with your hiring managers to establish the criteria for success. It can be challenging to determine what tasks staff work on during the day. Good outcomes occasionally go unreported. It's much more difficult for people working from home to receive praise for their efforts. 

The team is split between office-based employees and remote workers. The performance of all employees within the firm must be best captured. Thus, HR must develop clear and appropriate benchmarks.

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  • Equip Teams with the Necessary Tools

One component of the equation is offering the appropriate technology. If possible, provide your distant personnel with a tablet or smartphone to stay in touch. It's not just about technology. In most cases, the remote worker is in charge of setting up their workspace in an ergonomically ideal way for productivity. 

However, HR and head office can discover ways to simplify that. The accurate GPS and management tools can assist keep your team safe while on the road if your employees work remotely because they must travel for the firm.


As an HR, you have enormous responsibility to keep the remote workers engaged. Make sure to facilitate them with tools and updated information. The above-given tips will help you work efficiently.


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