HR Cloud Featured on The Tim Sackett Project

Aug 11, 2015

Tim Sackett has nothing but good things to say in his review of HR Cloud in his blog series T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday.

In trying out HR Cloud’s three main HR software modules (Core HR, Onboard, and Directory) Sackett said he’s impressed with the software’s clean user interface and how it is easy to use. Sackett notes that the Directory module is useful for those seeking to increase employee engagement because it allows for employees to connect with coworkers.

In his review, Sackett lists 5 things he likes the best about HR Cloud:
1. Simple and clean design.
2. Price range.
3. Processes that are built around technology.
4. Build-in interaction and collaboration among employees.
5. New features such as time off tracking, offboarding, benefit tracking, and asset management.

Sackett recommends HR Cloud to any readers who may be in the market for a Core HR System. He concludes: “This goes way beyond where most core HR systems are.”

If you’d like to read more of Tim Sackett’s review of HR Cloud check out his blog post.

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