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Mobile HR Apps and Best Practices

Jul 19, 2021
Mobile HR Apps and Best Practices
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The Human Resources department of a company handles many responsibilities. Over the years, HR departments have undergone changes, from service-oriented functions to assuming more strategic and versatile roles. 

These changes are now happening in the most progressive companies around the world and technology is at the core of these changes. Today, various employee apps offer a wide range of capabilities, and figuring out the ones which are most suited for your company's HR is very important. 


LinkedIn is a must-have app that will give you the capability to find and connect with companies, colleagues, professors, and more. You can even connect with industry specialists and recruiters to create a business network for your company. 

Having a solid LinkedIn profile is essential to spread the word about your company. This app will also provide you with amazing networking opportunities while connecting you with a wide range of professionals and information on different topics. 


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HR Cloud

Imagine HR software that helps you manage the complete employee lifecycle by automating the processes and digitizing the record-keeping and database management. This is what HR Cloud does perfectly. From onboarding till the exit of an employee, HR Cloud enables HR teams to work futuristically by streamlining communication, collaboration and engagement levels.

Employee experience is enhanced in an environment where HRMS is highly people-oriented and where their every need in terms of communication, rewards and recognition, and benefits is timely addressed. A heightened employee experience means higher motivation level, which in turn boosts company productivity. This is why many organizations, ranging from SMB’s to large businesses, trust  HR Cloud as their go-to software when upgrading their HR functions. 

Human Resource Magazine SHRM

HR Magazine is a very popular periodical known internationally for HR specialists under the aegis of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The articles in the magazine include topics on law, management, and business practices of the industry written by HR pioneers. 

The updated perspectives and findings of these pioneers will keep you informed of the latest trends and news, which may contribute to your assignments and discussions in the company. 

The magazine comes out ten times each year and you will find the same content in the printed version and the app. For the latter, you will also find a daily news feed, videos, and other features. You can download this app whether you own an Android or iOS device. 

Where could you find some help?

Writing letters and other official documents is an important part of all HR operations. Just as a college student must complete plenty of writing assignments throughout their education, you also need to master writing official documents. While you study your company's policies to ensure that you are doing everything by the book, you can hire professionals to do the writing work for you, especially if you study part-time. It's also possible to ask for additional writing services from EduBirdie. This is a professional writing service you can depend on at any time of the day for any academic work.

Apps for collaboration and learning

Using educational mobile apps has revolutionized face-to-face communication across a variety of work environments, especially for the millennial generation who expects their seniors and colleagues to friendlier, easier to connect with, and more collaborative. 

Without these very convenient apps, employees would find their work processes compulsive and boring. Since most of today's employees stay connected using their smartphones, it becomes very important for mobile connectivity to be both dependable and fast.

As an employee, having such an app (or more) will increase your productivity and efficiency. Using an employee app that serves as a channel for communication with other employees will help you stay in tune and in touch with everyone.

Aside from boosting your productivity and efficiency, it will also make your work environment better by enhancing its flexibility. Mobile HR apps will also help you increase your scope through interactive learning. 

You can consider these mobile apps as learning tools. Use them to learn the processes in your company and get the training you need too. If you have an HR app, you can use this to improve your skills and improve your productivity.


Easier HR operations

One of the most important reasons why you would download and use apps is to make HR operations easier. Many of the apps being extensively used today are for various HR-related functions like approvals, timesheets, performance appraisals, work schedules, and more. 

All these essential processes can now be easily accessed using apps and these have made much of the HR department's work more efficient and faster.


The advancements in HR apps won't stop as technology will continue to evolve to make things faster and more efficient. Once you find the best app for your company, you can start using it to improve how your company'\s HR department operates. 


About Author: Michael Turner ranks as the top-rated writer and editor for a highly-reputed academic assignment service for US and UK students. He strives to provide quality work consistently and does this by regularly updating himself with the latest trends. Besides his work, he enjoys blogging, reading sports magazines, and experimenting with new dishes in his kitchen

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