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Top 8 Workvivo Alternatives for 2024

Top 8 Workvivo Alternatives for 2024
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Meta recently announced that it is shutting down its employee communications tool Workplace by Meta and is recommending users take their business to Workvivo by Zoom, but are there any better alternatives for Workplace?

Workvivo has set a high bar when it comes to employee communication and engagement, yet it may still have a long way to go when it comes to delivering on the potential behind today’s employee experience platforms.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at eight Workvivo alternatives for 2024, each of which offers distinct features that go and beyond what Workvivo offers. For example, some of them can boost employee engagement, streamline internal communications, and enhance the overall employee experience.

So whether you’re looking for a mobile app for remote employees, powerful reporting and analytics for actionable business insights, or other specific capability, there is a proven solution in the market to meet your needs. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at each of these solutions and see how they stand apart in a crowded market. 

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1. HR Cloud’s Workmates

Workmates is a single, all-in-one employee experience software solution that improves employee engagement, internal communication, and recognition and rewards. In addition to its desktop application, Workmates also offers a full-featured mobile app that is perfect for companies with remote employees who may not sit at a desk or use a laptop (think of employees in construction, healthcare, retail, and other industries).

With customizable channels, newsfeeds, and real-time notifications, Workmates easily connects all employees and teams. Workmates integrates with existing tools and technology, simplifying adoption while increasing the application’s reach into other parts of the business. 

Workmates also provides important recognition and rewards systems that boost employee morale and transform the company’s overall culture. 

HR Cloud assigns a dedicated account manager to each customer, complete with priority support, accelerating implementation times and maximizing user adoption and productivity. 



  • Workmates does not have a payroll application but does offer payroll integration with leading vendors, including ADP integration


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2. Slack

Slack is well-known for its natural communication features. However, it is important to remember that it does require email addresses, which may limit participation for some users, especially if they’re not true company employees.

Additionally, the limited file storage on Slack’s free plans may not be enough for some data-intensive companies. Slack’s heavy reliance on integrations may contribute to undue complexity in the future. 


  • Great communication tool

  • Offers a wide variety of integrations


  • Email addresses required;  limiting participation for some employees

  • Limited file storage on free plans can be insufficient for data-heavy organizations

  • Heavy reliance on integrations may lead to complexity and technical debt


3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers seamless integration with Office 365, making it a convenient choice for those already using Microsoft products. 

Teams’ communication features enable real-time collaboration, yet the overall complexity is not as intuitive as it could be, contributing to complexity that may overwhelm some users. 

Microsoft’s pricing structure can make Teams too expensive for some companies. Additionally, maintaining the application can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially for larger companies with more complicated implementations. 


  • Office 365 Integration

  • Proven communication features enable real-time collaboration


  • Overall complexity may be overwhelming for some users, leading to lack of adoption

  • Microsoft’s pricing structure may impact budget considerations

  • Implementing and maintaining the application may require too many technical resources for some larger organizations


4. Poppulo

Poppulo provides targeted internal communication tools that enable companies to customize key messages to specific groups within the larger organization. It also offers other tools and capabilities such as customizable employee surveys that can measure the overall effectiveness of the company’s communication efforts. 

Yet the lack of employee recognition and rewards and other important features makes Poppulo come up short in offering a complete employee experience platform. It also requires a steep learning curve for more complex operations, which can adversely affect TCO and ROI.


  • Targeted internal communication tools

  • Employee surveys and communication effectiveness metrics


  • Lack of employee recognition features

  • Steep learning curve for complex operations


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5. CultureMonkey

CultureMonkey is an employee engagement platform designed to keep employees and teams motivated and connected that does deliver functionality related to employee feedback and insights. 

However, like Poppulo, it lacks employee recognition and rewards capabilities and other important features, which can minimize its effect on improving company culture. 


  • Employee engagement platform
  • Honest employee feedback and insights


  • Lacks features like employee rewards and recognition
  • Might lack context and clarity due to the use of anonymous surveys
  • The application is also missing an important feedback loop between employees and managers


6. Yammer (Now Microsoft Viva Engage)

Yammer was recently acquired by Microsoft and rebranded as Microsoft Viva Engage. This application is designed to be a private communications platform that connects all employees through communities and conversations. With premium features such as Copilot, Leadership Corner, and Answers (FAQs), Microsoft Viva Engage helps create meaningful relationships in the workplace.

However, some users may find it difficult to use, and this is another application that lacks employee recognition and rewards features. 


  • A comprehensive private communication platform to drive employee productivity


  • Missing employee recognition and reward features
  • Some users may find it difficult to use, contributing to low adoption across the organization


7. Enovapoint

Enovapoint provides a new take on employee communication: newsletter and document automation capabilities. Enovapoint lets users create and send internal newsletters to custom groups and distribution lists to keep employees informed and in the know.

It also gives impressive document creation features that let users generate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents automatically for faster proposals, contracts, presentations – or whatever they may need. 


  • Ability to send newsletters to employees

  • Automated document creation capabilities


  • Lack of features for recognition and employee engagement

  • Time-consuming to understand and operate


8. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow excels at creating and sending surveys with a conversational tone, ensuring better user engagement. However, it has limited features and design options, and its reporting and analyzing survey data functionality could use improvement.


  • Easy to create and send surveys

  • Conversational tone in surveys leads to better user engagement


  • Limited features and design options

  • Reporting and analytics for survey data is not as robust as it could be

The Clear Winner: Workmates

Each of these Workvivo alternatives offers unique pros and cons. Yet while there are many options, we believe there’s only one clear choice: Workmates from HR Cloud. 

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With personalized newsfeeds, employee engagement surveys and polls, custom channels for important announcements, and employee recognition and rewards, Workmates improves communication, fosters meaningful collaboration, and transforms the company’s culture. 

Workmates also offers advanced customer service and support, making sure any company can successfully use the platform to achieve their employee engagement goals – no matter what they may be. 

Interested in learning more about Workmates? Book your free demo now to see how Workmates stands apart – and how it can help you transform your business. 

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