10 Tips to Keep Your Employees Productive

Jul 28, 2021
10 Tips to Keep Your Employees Productive
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Every business leader has a responsibility to make their employees happy and efficient. Employees are the important asset of a company, and having them engaged in business activities leads to business growth. However, planning an effective strategy is conversely difficult, as it needs too much thought and time. That’s where the role of human resource management comes to the fore. How do HR departments ensure that they keep the employees productive despite the hustle of their work-life? This blog focuses on a similar discussion, giving you the most actionable tips to keep employees productive and the business successful.

1. Make a model of clarity and feedback.

It is crucial to create an atmosphere where everything is clear. Like, if the manager does any mistake, it is their responsibility to admit it. Being honest plays a great role in the company's growth, and getting to admit your blunder is the most significant factor in building an atmosphere of trust and scrupulousness. 

It has been seen that whenever a person performs in a leadership role, they try to express their power by proving themselves right in every situation. Moreover, it takes a lot of strength to accept when they are wrong, so forming a transparency layer whenever making any mistake will enhance your image in front of management and raise a new learning environment.

2. Provide a Pleasant and Motivating Working Setup

Another thing you can do is to create a suitable work environment for the employees. So, you can outline it in a way that makes the employees feel satisfied during working. A healthy work environment usually helps the employees stay focused and free of distractions.

For a relaxed atmosphere, you can keep in mind some things like Ample lighting, fixed setting, Pleasant temperature, Conventional space, Admirable food, and so on. Even meeting the necessities like Fresh and Clean air can make employees feel satisfied and keep them motivated the whole day.

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3. Give your team certain tools

When you decide to give your team all the high-quality tools, they will not feel needy and not lose their time asking the leaders to give them what they need to perform the task. Moreover, if the employees are working from home, try to give them the best management tracking applications that will enable them to efficiently connect with the team members and take precise feedback from the team. Also, the employee can put their queries through the tool. This can create a professional environment this is significant for every organization.

4. Help employees to feel valued.

Whenever any employee does the task at hand on time or delivers on other metrics, like improving the profits, it will work if you appreciate or credit them. Organizations that do so successfully build a feeling of pride and are admired by the employees. They try to perform better next time, and this is how they remain encouraged. 

If any employee commits a mistake, instead of yelling at them or punishing them, give them the word "it's ok." This will not discourage the team members and make them more responsible for the future to not commit the same mistake again.

Also, through support, employees dedicate themselves to work, which increases their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Being a manager or a team leader, you can create a positive impact on your employees. Only a positive environment among all will be the most suitable option to get the desired outcomes.

5. Keep Employees Occupied

If you want your employee to stay productive and deliver great work, you can create a complete manual in a simplistic style. Keep in mind that the employee guidebook will consist of aspects like handling a specific situation or other things. To make them feel like a part of the organization, you can also ask them about their manual approaches.

Other than this, it will work if you have regular meetings with your employees to keep them occupied. Make sure that everyone gets the chance to raise their concerns. This will create a positive work-life balance that eventually leads to the company's progress. People feel that the entire team cares about their opinions when addressing their particular issues/products/services.

6. Dodge micromanagement

Earlier, the companies hesitated to provide remote work, as they were not convinced with the idea and believed that the same level of productivity could not happen remotely. However, these days, everyone is doing remote work. Therefore, managers find it easy to micromanage their teams to upscale their business. But, at the same time, companies should also respect their employees and set clear expectations. 

As per the analysis, it has been noted that almost 59% of employees who worked under the manager were micromanaged. While 55% stated, it served them being fruitful. On the other side, 68% find that they overcame their confidence.

Therefore, it is not easy for a manager to bother their juniors to monitor everything going around. Instead, both should correspond to the specific goals, and if the goals are met, managers don't need to worry about the place and how.

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7. Allow your team to work at a flexible schedule. 

A 9-5 work schedule doesn't look fit at all. However, each employee who works under this span doesn't have to be productive. Thus, you can choose to provide your employees with adjustable work hours like the other companies without considering the negative aspects. 

This will allow the employee to build a flexible schedule. Most likely, they will be more productive during the timings that they choose for themselves to work. Also, this will make them happy and content, which ends in boosting productivity. At first, you can analyze everything by outlining the guidelines regarding attendance, information, and availability. 

Then, continue to start with a manageable schedule for a single unit and watch the employee's performance accordingly. If, after doing this, you find the employee to be productive then, you can decide on giving manageable timings to the other units. Don't forget to review their performance from time to time.

8. Allow Breaks

Most times, you will find your employees to be bored and dull during work hours. It implies that they need a pause from your side to refocus over. Therefore, it will be ideal if you give them a rest of 10-20 minutes after one 101 hours of working, as it will help them revive their mind and refocus later on. Suppose you encourage breaks, whether, for a snack, tea, bathroom, a glassful of water, or to move, you will find that your employees will stay stimulated, which continues the business' progress.

9. Make your employees part of the bigger picture.

As a team leader or a time manager, you can notify your team about the company's ultimate goals and strategies. This will strengthen communication, and it is an excellent way to keep everyone on the same page.  

Your choice can make your productive employees feel appreciated, and it will direct them to work with more devotion for the company's growth and attainment of collective goals.

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10. Be compatible

If you want everything to go smoothly, keep in mind to stay steady. At the same time, it is great to connect with the team members at every level. This will make you aware of employee happiness, and how they work to meet the organizational objectives.

Hopefully, after getting the information given above, it will clarify that both the commitment and productivity go concurrently. Therefore, by following the tips, you can create an environment that boosts up the employee's productivity, confidence, and recognition at the same time. 

About Author: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!

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