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5 Remarkable Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Workplace?

Jan 28, 2020
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Improving employee engagement is something any human resources manager can struggle with, but only those who work hard can deliver. We believe that this problem should be addressed in a complex way, so we want to show you why and how you should increase your employees engagement.


Why employees engagement is essential for a company’s success

First and foremost, engaged employees are more likely to stay in your company and contribute their best towards leading it to success. A team with a healthy relationship, clear goals, and maximum engagement can move mountains together. 


Employees engagement can be considered a fundamental brick in any company aims to become a first-echelon business


  1. It’s about awakening the desire to create and achieve more
  2. It empowers people to take pride in their work
  3. It drives talented newcomers to your company
  4. It unites your coworkers making them a real team

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We bet it does, so below we’ll show you how to improve employee engagement in your company. Therefore, help your team make the most out of the time you spend together as a working unit.


What makes an employee highly engaged

Some will say that you simply have to be honest with your team. Someone will swear that all your employees need is a better salary and more vacation. In some way, it’s true. However, this approach will fail if you won’t find the real balance between the things that your team members desire.  


You can either get yourself a team that cannot stay focused because of constant day-offs and out of the office activities or people who make so much money that they don’t really care whether the company’s performance is good enough.


Either way — that’s a road that leads to nowhere.


Therefore, we’re presenting you with the best practices and proven ways to improve employee engagement in your company.


1. Social reimbursement and perks

One of the essential things that is an absolute must is social reimbursement. Some people may call it just ‘perks’, whatever. It’s about the social benefits that you provide to your employees to create a comfy environment at work. 


What’s more important, social reimbursement is about helping your employees grow as professionals. This is mutually beneficial, cause you get yourself an upgraded specialist and your employee understands that he/she becomes a more valuable asset. 


Unfortunately, many companies seek a piece of advice on how to improve employee engagement. However, they simply do not offer any perks, except maybe the coffee, cookies and other small delicious treats. 


We’re talking about real things like online language training with corporate language lessons or niche-related webinars, etc. These things can really kick-off the spirit in your team.


Companies like Preply can provide you with the corporate programs for language lessons and there are tons of other benefits you can offer. This is just a small example. However, language lessons can be considered one of the things people find truly beneficial nowadays. 


Especially, when you build a diverse collective where you have employees from all around the world.


2. A chance to have real flexibility

Nowadays, people tend to like the nomad-like lifestyle more and more. Providing your employees with flexible working hours is a must, especially when you work with senior developers or designers. 


Staying flexible is staying in a less stressful mindset. Less stress? Yes, please.


3. Goals clarification really affects employee engagement

It’s weird to ask how to improve employee engagement when you still didn’t ‘clear the air’ with your employees. First things first, make sure you’re all on the same page and you know what you aim for as a collective. 


The only way to create the collaborative feel of being involved in something big is to make sure you’re clear about the goals and metrics of success.


4. Environment matters to internal engagement

A healthy environment in your team is so crucial. You won’t find a team that succeeded and stays toxic inside


Build an atmosphere of respect and general desire to create together.


5. People-centric culture is half of your success

Never forget that you work with people. They’re not machines and you’ve got to create a caring atmosphere in the office. Only when you place a ‘person’ at the heart of your company’s values, you can be sure that your team will pay back with the hard work. 


In 2019, people finally start to realize that millennials with their tech startups can seem a bit funny, but people enjoy working in a good startup because it’s about freedom of thought, gratitude towards the employees and corporate culture without the ‘corporate’ culture. 


The general rule of thumb is being fair and realistic. The human resources manager should not be some ‘collar’ who comes to announce new rules from the last meeting with the CEO. The HR manager should be a partner that supports and helps.


Wrapping things up

Sooo… How to increase employee engagement, you may ask us again. It’s simple. But only if you follow the best practices and look out for great examples in your niche. 

Follow our tips and build a truly powerful collective that will lead your company to new heights.

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