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6 Ways To Utilize Your Company Website For Employee Engagement

Mar 03, 2022
6 Ways To Utilize Your Company Website For Employee Engagement
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Every organization hopes to get its employees invested in their work as much as possible. This kind of passion and motivation that employees have towards what they do is defined as employee engagement. And the higher the engagement, the more successful your company is likely to be. Unfortunately, not all employees are committed to what they do. Some are just there because of the salary and job security. So, even if employees may seem satisfied by their work, it doesn't necessarily mean that they’re committed to it. 

Thankfully, technology has made it possible to improve employee engagement around the workplace. One common way that organizations use to help increase employee engagement is using your company's website. With a website, you can incorporate different tools to limit employee engagement. The best part is that a website will facilitate engagement even for those working remotely, especially if the hosting you've chosen is DDoS protected VPS.

Here are some of the ways that you can use a website for employee engagement: 

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1. Using location

Employee engagement always starts during the recruitment process. You can have good employee engagement when you get the right employees in your company. A study in 2013 shows that about 75% of employees in the top five cities in the USA were engaged while 60% of employees in the bottom five cities were engaged. This means that location is one of the factors that’ll contribute to employee engagement. (1) Therefore, you need to add your location to your website so you’ll recruit talents that are interested in working in that particular location. 

However, the location isn’t just about the city, but also things such as an outdoor workspace. The best way to show people an outdoor workspace is by embedding your map on your website. Here’s a guide on how to embed a Google Map on your website so your prospective employees can read reviews and get a birds-view of the business.

2. Conduct employee survey

Another way to increase employee engagement is by asking for feedback from them. The survey should be done regularly, like after every three months, so you can ensure that every aspect of the organization, even the latest implementations, is covered. While you can conduct manual surveys in the organization, having a website can help you maintain the respondents’ privacy and reach a large number of respondents, especially if you have remote workers. (2)

The survey will help pinpoint specific areas of the organization that can be improved. You should also leave room for open-ended questions so you can have room for criticism. The survey will help your employees know that their opinion matters. And once you implement the changes from the survey, the employees will become more engaged. (2) 

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3. Gamification and competition

Your employees will love it if they compete to win prizes or be the best. When you decide to gamify non-game areas of your organization, your staff will become more interested and committed in those areas. Thankfully, having a website will help you achieve such strategies even with remote workers. (3)

For example, you can hold an online content creation competition, where the employee with the most articles or the most viewed article will get a reward or a badge displayed on their profile. You can also award the employee of the month or those who complete complex tasks by displaying their photos on the company’s website. When a visitor goes to the website, they’ll recognize the employee. The competition and recognition will motivate your employees more. (3)

4. Improving user experience

Your employee intranet experience is also dependent on how friendly your website is. So when you buy RDP for hosting, consider how responsive your site will become. When employees find it hard to navigate the pages on your website or struggle to read the content uploaded there, they become frustrated. First, they'll start feeling like you’re not doing enough to make their work more manageable, and so, they lose the motivation and commitment to your company. (3) So, your employee engagement should start with your website design. Ensure you have an appealing interface with an attractive and modern logo design, ease of use, and navigation.

Make your website aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate for your staff. Ensure that your design teamwork with the right fonts, imagery, colors, and loading speed. When employees have a seamless website at their disposal, not only do they get satisfied, but they also become more engaged. One innovative approach to achieving this is by building a website using an AI tool that will make sure that your site is user-friendly and has the appropriate fonts, colors, and imagery that will keep your employees engaged and motivated throughout the whole week

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5. Update your calendar

Keeping your staff informed about holidays, meetings, events, and other activities in time is a great way to increase their productivity and engagements. However, you should steer away from using manual calendars, as employees can lose them or even forget about the notable dates completely. In contrast, if you have a website, it’ll become easy for you to update the calendar from one central point, and every other employee will be able to view the changes. (2)

More importantly, every department can still have its own calendar to avoid confusion. So, while having a calendar on your company's website may seem like any normal thing to do, it’ll play a big role in keeping your employees informed. Consequently, you’ll expect them to be committed to keeping dates and meeting deadlines without constant reminders from the manager. (2)

6. Encourage collaborative working

Virtual working has increased in popularity in recent years. Virtual working and training help reduce stress caused by commuting to and from work. This means that you'll have happier and more motivated employees in your work if you embrace virtual working. However, for virtual working to be successful, there needs to be collaboration across all departments in your organization, and having a website is crucial in achieving this. (4)

With a website, you can incorporate communication tools that’ll allow all your employees to be updated instantaneously on anything in the organization. Also, they can communicate with each other through shared forums, file sharing, among other online communication tools. With more collaborations comes more engagement among your employees. (4)

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Every organization that strives to be successful and meet its goals should have committed employees. They should be satisfied by the work or the environment to help the organization meet its goals. The organization should also help improve employee engagement by utilizing all the right tools such as a company's website, in the ways discussed in this article.


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Author Bio: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!

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