Employee Engaging Tech Ideas: A Blog Discussing Ways to Engage Employees Through Technology

Oct 31, 2022
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In an ever-changing, dynamic tech space applying innovative ideas in the workplace can go a long way to boost employee engagement. Discover how you can do it. 

It's no longer a dream to have inventions and automated processes to help engage employees - people are actually doing it! There are many new, innovative ways to incorporate technology with the employee experience and employee satisfaction. This article explores different strategies that HR leaders and managers employ technology effectively to engage the workforce, boost employee productivity, and consequently, workplace productivity too. 

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Why technology can be a game changer for employee engagement? 

Companies sharing an ambitious vision should look for new ways to invest in tech, although new advancements might pose a challenge, due to the constant risk and upgrades that accompany them. There are, however many benefits that accrue by incorporating the latest technology to boost employee engagement. 

Employee engagement technology encourages employees to feel more connected to each other and their work. With many companies now working remotely or in hybrid arrangements, loneliness and disconnection have become more common. Employers have had to explore different collaboration tools to help employees feel more involved in company activities. When employees feel more engaged, team performance improves and a sense of purpose is strengthened. 

Employee engagement through technology not only eases the burden of daily tasks for employees but also helps to improve the flow of work in an organization. By using technology that can efficiently handle big data, managers and employees are able to make better business decisions in a shorter amount of time – freeing up more time and energy to focus on other tasks. 

Effective strategies that use technology to enhance employee engagement 

Technology has the ability to streamline work operations and provide employees with a more direct way to communicate with one another. Companies that are eager to find innovative ways to improve the time their employees invest on work-related tasks are considered companies that truly care for their employees. This is one important trait that job aspirants look for when considering new opportunities, which also helps in employee retention. 

Many studies have shown that for companies all over the world, maintaining employee engagement is a constant challenge. Hence, making use of technology is considered a valuable approach to enhance employee engagement. Here are some practical strategies that combine technology with employee engagement.

1. Recognizing Peers 

Employee app to boost internal communication

According to the 2020 Kincentric report, recognition is key to boosting employee satisfaction in the workplace. In many instances, employees feel uncomfortable discussing their feelings of underappreciation with their managers and leaders. However, peer-to-peer recognition - when employees acknowledge one another for their skills, talents, and achievements – is almost as powerful as managers giving positive feedback. 

Messaging tools and software help build strong relationships and trust between employees since it provides a space for employees to share their achievements and get support and recognition from co-workers. Once employees see how one of their colleagues is being recognized, it becomes easier for others to follow suit, creating an environment of support and collaboration. 

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2. Fun, Rewards & Games 

Gamification can be a powerful ally for businesses when it comes to promoting engagement among employees, customers, and clients. It is the act of using game-like features - such as score points and rewards - for non-game activities with the goal of boosting engagement. When done properly, gamification can result in increased sales, productivity, and employee morale. Employees are often more motivated to work hard and be engaged when they're given a fun challenge that uses technology tools. 
Fun rewards for employee

 For example, if you're working on a task or project, it can be very motivating to see your progress posted online in real time. This is even more effective when combined with peer-to-peer recognition, as it builds engagement and active connections within the workforce. Additionally, using gamification tactics like this can help decrease employee stress, entertain them, and reduce the turnover rate. Gamification can be a helpful tool for HR leaders when it comes to boosting employee morale and productivity, but it's important to make sure that the game elements fit well with employees' work habits and goals. Otherwise, it may lead to unhealthy competition and unfair comparisons between colleagues.  

3. Leverage Tools for Collaboration
Employee Engaging Tech Ideas: A Blog Discussing Ways to Engage Employees Through Technology

Collaboration is often a major challenge for HR leaders to overcome, particularly when employees work remotely where it can lead to a lack of communication channels or even miscommunication. The absence of proper collaboration between employees makes it difficult to work in teams and consumes a lot of time and energy that employees could have channelized for other projects. Although, it is understandable that not every employee responds well to face-to-face collaboration, incorporating technology in such scenarios helps to ease work pressure among them when they need to work together as a team. In this regard, using social media and file sharing software for transferring documents can make engagement more efficient and faster.

4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

Employee Engaging Tech Ideas: A Blog Discussing Ways to Engage Employees Through Technology

The gadgets and other technological devices offered by companies can be a huge benefit for employees, especially for those who need updated equipment to complete their tasks effectively. However, offering only specific types of equipment to work with may actually restrict employees’ ability to perform at their best. These days, more and more companies are offering the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option, where employees can choose the type of device they use for work. This allows employees to work more freely with the tools they are comfortable with so that they can deliver output with confidence. 

5. Scope for Virtual and Mobile learning

Most, if not all, employees are always looking to further their knowledge and skills in order to progress well in their careers. While companies that offer scope for learning and training opportunities are certainly appreciated, companies which offer these virtually are most sought-after. 
Employee Engaging Tech Ideas: A Blog Discussing Ways to Engage Employees Through Technology

Providing learning and employee training virtually is quite popular and the norm these days which helps employees to have a proper work-life balance. With online and mobile platforms for learning, employees are able to balance their time off work, while undergoing training to become qualified professionals in their careers. Mobile learning fosters enthusiasm among employees due to the convenience and accessibility of learning tools from the comfort of their own homes.

6. Recognition Tool for Employees 
. Recognition Tool for Employees 

Recognizing employee efforts is still one of the best ways to encourage employee engagement. Although it may be easy to give praise and recognition when it's deserved, leaders can use employee recognition tools to make things even more fun and streamlined. With these tools, managers can quickly point out achievements, and anyone can send in their congratulations with virtual cards, kudos, and high-fives. Not only will this show appreciation and support, but it will also make things more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

7. Implement Cloud Technology 

If companies want to avoid security risks associated with using social media platforms for communication, or if the cost of creating a communication platform from scratch is cost prohibitive, then employers can implement cloud computing technology in the workplace. Companies and employees can take advantage of cloud computing to store and access data anytime, anywhere. This type of computing uses the internet instead of a hard drive, which allows companies to stay competitive in terms of technology without the need to invest a lot in purchasing and maintaining software and devices.  
Implement Cloud Technology 

What is the Key Takeaway for HR Leaders? 

Technology that promotes employee engagement is not only beneficial for employees, but also for companies. By implementing engaging activities with employees through different methods on a regular basis, companies can show that they see employees as human beings rather than just workers. This can lead to increased loyalty and praise from employees, which in turn generates a positive reputation and enhanced brand image in the market. Employee motivation has always been a subject of intense interest and a contributing factor for better productivity, and keeping them engaged actively can be a value add for your growth strategy. 


About Author:

This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is dedicated to providing powerful solutions for your HR teams and creating an exceptional employee experience. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, onboarding, and to save you valuable time!

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