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Fostering Employee Wellness Using Your Intranet

Jul 20, 2021
Fostering Employee Wellness Using Your Intranet
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Do you want to create a culture where employees take better care of themselves? If so, your intranet can help.

It’s important for employees to care for themselves, both at work and outside of the office. However, it can prove hard for them to focus on maintaining healthy habits when their primary concern is getting the most out of their careers.


No-room-for-error projects and tight deadlines typically take priority over self-care. With technology, however, you can remind your staff about the importance of caring for themselves. In turn, you can help to boost employee wellness—and productivity.

To learn more about fostering employee wellness using your intranet, keep reading.

Benefits of Using Your Intranet to Foster Employee Wellness

You can get everyone involved in promoting their own wellness by leveraging your corporate intranet. Now, it’s easy for companies to run employee wellness initiatives in tandem with employee recognition programs. For example, you could use your company network to emphasize wellness events such as World Mental Health Day.

This kind of strategy supports a culture of mindfulness. It also builds confidence among employees in your company identity.

Alternatively, you can use your intranet to promote healthy habits in the workplace, such as mindfulness and fitness. As an example, you could encourage employees to occasionally tune out and turn off.

You can also use your intranet to encourage them to take time off that they need to recharge. This point is important, as nearly half of all employees don’t take needed and deserved vacation time.

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How Your Intranet Can Help

With the right software, you can manage your employee wellness system effectively. It will enable you to promote, monitor, and manage wellness activities. In doing so, you can create a team that thrives by minding to their health and wellness.

An effective management platform can help you track important wellness KPIs. It will also help you to access and manage risks as it pertains to employee wellness. Moreover, you can follow these metrics in real-time.

Premium software such as HR Cloud can provide you with a customizable platform that supports your staffs’ wellness journey. With the top HR technology, you can provide a fresh user experience that’s easy to navigate.

For example, you could offer free wellness coaching. This kind of service is highly popular among employees with a desire to improve their wellbeing.

You can also set up a system to support employees in tracking their fitness activities and measuring the results. You can even motivate employees by offering them rewards for successfully completing wellness milestones.

Leveling Up Your Intranet for Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellness includes both physical and mental health. Both work-related and non-related factors affect the state of employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

Promoting employee wellness does more than increase workers’ productivity—it improves every aspect of their lives. With employee wellness, you want to build a happier, healthier workforce.

Doing so will positively impact employee performance. Ideally, however, as a human resource professional or company leader, you should primarily have the goal of promoting the health of your peers.

Tracking metrics such as those for participation is vital for the success of employee wellness programs. However, it’s also important to consider what benefits are most useful for your staff.

Different companies have different needs. For example, you may want to offer healthy meal delivery via your corporate intranet. Alternatively, you may offer mental health counseling.

You can even offer gym membership reimbursements as well as bonuses for employees that meet fitness goals. Here, you could tie in bonuses to employee performance in your company’s weight loss program. Alternatively, you might do the same for those who complete a smoking cessation program.

Implementing Your Digital Wellness Strategy

An effective workplace wellness program can help you improve your team and reduce costs. Today, leading firms use technology to drive wellness program participation and awareness. With the right platform, you can amplify your company’s wellness initiatives.

Many employees report conditions such as stress and depression. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to manage. Resultantly, you must find a way to support your employees if you want to promote productivity.

To remedy this issue, you want to enhance your healthcare programs. To this end, it’s helpful to leverage your digital workplace to build a culture of wellness.

Everyone engages in wellness in different ways. Also, you’ll want to develop a holistic wellness strategy that encompasses both physical and emotional health. With technology, you can develop a wellness program that’s personalized for each of your team members.

Still, you’ll need a way to communicate these ideas with your team members. You’ll also need to communicate your company’s wellness initiatives to management.

Forging Ahead With Digital Deployment

Here, it’s important that managers know that they must empathize with employees’ health and emotional problems. Managers must show sensitivity in this regard. With this in mind, you can even use your company intranet to track managerial awareness of employees’ health statuses.

In the digital age, it’s never been easier to support employee wellbeing. Now, your intranet is a vital tool for creating a company culture of wellness and mindfulness.

Poor employee health costs companies billions of dollars every year. With your digital workplace, however, you have an opportunity to help employees improve their wellness.

It’s important to understand, however, that your company’s path toward wellness is a journey, not a sprint. With time and effective planning, you can promote a healthy, happy work environment.

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Steps for Getting Started

The losses due to poor employee health continue to rise. As a result, many companies are working for ways to keep these employee health-related expenses manageable and under control.

It’s true that your company’s health and wellness programs can help employees to achieve better health outcomes. Yet, they also help to reduce risk.

Healthy employees are less likely to have problems on the job—either emotional or physical. Furthermore, organizations with happy, healthy employees save on long-term health expenses.

With this in mind, you’ll want to provide your employees with the means and tools for them to take control of their wellness.

A well-executed wellness initiative supported by technology can reduce healthcare costs. It will also enhance productivity and boost employee retention.

The process begins with advocating for the establishment of a wellness program—if your company hasn’t started one already. Your program must provide access to various wellness offerings.

You’ll also need to design and implement the program. However, it’s important not to try to do it all alone. In other words, you’ll want to incorporate the help of experts where possible or needed.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll need to communicate the components of your wellness program with your staff. You’ll also need to deploy mechanisms to increase participation in your company’s wellness program.

Manage the Many Moving Parts of Employee Wellness With the Right Technology

An effective employee wellness program has many components. In most cases, you must contract with several vendors to create the needed services for your wellness program. These vendors may offer services such as:

  • Disease management

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Ergonomics

  • Screening

  • Vaccinations

  • Wellness consulting

  • Wellness training

However, there’s one constant, no matter how many components you add to your wellness program. You’ll need to communicate your program and encourage employee participation if you want to reap the benefits of healthier employees.

A Better Way to Manage Your Employee Wellness Program

In the past, employers relied on instructor-led, in-person coaching and hard-copy handouts. Today, however, an online solution is a pivotal part of a well-coordinated employee health program.

For instance, you can use your company intranet to provide basic nutrition training. Again, you can also use it to support physical activity.

You can even use your intranet to create a group where employees can share their wellness journeys. For example, you could set up group chats or forums where workers can share their experiences. Once you’ve established the group, you could further leverage it by inviting non-participating employees to join in.

Also, by leveraging technology, your wellness program could grow alongside your company. With the latest technology, you can add as many group members as you need seamlessly.

More importantly, technology enables you to customize your communication with your staff. With the right platform, you can make sure that every corporate message promotes your brand identity.

Still, how do you know what platform can empower you to deliver the many facets of your employee wellness program effectively? Luckily, we have the perfect solution.

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Your Intranet Is a Powerful Tool for Promoting Employee Wellness

Now you know more about fostering employee wellness using your intranet. What you need now is an award-winning human resources platform.

HR Cloud can help you manage the many moving parts of your employee wellness program. With HR Cloud, you can make it easy for employees to find the wellness information they need on their own time.

With our platform, you can boost employee wellness programs and deliver employee recognition. You can also improve work culture, productivity, and morale.

Set your business up for success. Contact HR Cloud today to request a free demo and learn more about starting the journey toward corporate wellness.

About Author: This article is written by a marketing team member at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of proven HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee communications & engagement, and rewards & recognition. Our user-friendly software increases employee productivity, delivers time and cost savings, and minimizes compliance risk.

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