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How Enterprise Software Solutions Helps to Boost Employee Engagement in Organizations

How Enterprise Software Solutions Helps to Boost Employee Engagement in Organizations
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Enterprise software or apps have significantly contributed to global organizations for fulfilling operations and employee productivity regardless of location.

In today’s business scenario, enterprising software can be found across all the departments in an organization ranging from project management, sales, and human resource to marketing. Enterprise application software (EAS) is always aimed to provide high performance, customization potential, scalability, and security.    

There are quite a lot of enterprise print management solutions in the market such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing Automation, and Business Process Management.

Apart from all these software applications, Employee engagement software is a top-notch category of technology designed specifically to engage employees and drive growth. 

The Importance of Employee Engagement Software/platform for your Organization


“Companies having highly engaged employees are 21% more productive and profitable.”      

An employee engagement software helps businesses to accelerate employee, and customer experience and retain top talent. The software helps organizations track employee feedback through polls and dynamic surveys to boost employee satisfaction. With the right use of enterprise-made employee engagement software, you can track the pulse of your employee sentiment. 

How Enterprise Software Solutions Helps to Boost Employee Engagement in Organizations

An asset to progress emotional well-being of your employees’

Only if your employees are mentally and emotionally healthy, they will be able to be productive and streamlined to achieve the organization’s goals. With the employee engagement software, you track the pulse of every employee and team on a frequent basis. This pulse rate helps to improve the particular area or issue your employee are experiencing.      


Empower employee recognition in realtime

Employee appreciation always leads to a culture that encourages every employee to take risks, fail and propel. With the employee recognition software, you can create a meaningful work environment, discuss their achievements and recognize employees with rewards. 


Consistent Tracking of employee performance and growth

A certainty is that the most engaged employees grow professionally and personally irrespective of areas. This explains that the employee has been given the opportunity and engagement to possess great employee growth culture irrespective of company sizes. With sufficient data stored in the database on employees, it allows the HR department and management to access employees' KPIs and rewards them with compensations.

How Enterprise Software Solutions Helps to Boost Employee Engagement in Organizations


Accelerate onboarding of employees & maintain employee relationships

An employee engagement software will ensure to streamline the onboarding process and ensures to create a comfortable feel for newcomers. It also helps to improve employee feedback and retention rate. 


Top Reasons Why Your Organization Needs an Employee Engagement Software 


  • To establish a clear understanding and connection between business outcomes and employees.

  • In order to create a culture that attracts new talents and retains existing ones.

  • Gather employee feedback to make transformations in the organizations.

  • Streamline, align and direct the teams to achieve the business goals. 

  • Mark the business towards an aligned business outcome, customer satisfaction, profitability, and new revenue streams.


What are the Features You should Expect in an Employee Engagement Software?


Business Objective / Goal Settings 

The management or employees can set any specific goals to any extent using the employee engagement software. By tracking the employee’s KPIs and ensuring the employees have met the goals or not. 


Reports & Dashboard

The HR department and managers can have end-to-end access to the reports in order to analyze the performance and work reports of each employee in the organization. With these data, it’s quite easy to analyze employee net promoter scores (eNPS), and employee engagement rate. 


Employee Recognition 

Every employee wants to be appreciated and rewarded for the work they’ve done which empowers their determination toward the work and culture. The employee engagement software is inbuilt with appreciation features to recognize employees' efforts through certifications, badges, and awards.         


Pulse Surveys

The talent or HR department can customize the survey questions based on each team and employee. The employee engagement software is pre-built with survey templates that can be shared with employees on a regular basis to understand employee satisfaction, team communication, and more. 


People Analytics

With effective people analytical tools, leaders can have visualized access to employees' performance snapshots, flight risks, and more. With these analytical data, managers can make strategic talent decisions and plan that drives the team.

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Factors to Consider before Choosing the Ideal Employee Engagement Software for your Organization


  • Make sure the employee engagement software offers the right set of tools and features that your organization requires to adapt to new employee management.

  • Validate whether the software is a user-friendly tool and easily navigable.

  • Make sure the platform is cross-platform-friendly and can be accessed from any device such as tablets, desktops, and mobile.    

  • Check whether the software offers sufficient customer support and training to quickly onboard employees. 

  • Make sure the employee engagement software can be integrated with your existing system/technologies. 

  • Assess the limitations and access restrictions of the employee engagement software.

There are tons of employee engagement software providers in the market, but choosing the right one is a complex one. The right employee engagement software must possess top-notch features, customization, scalability, security, and affordable pricing that adapts to your business requirements. HR Cloud is one such HR software and HRMS solution provider in the market offering products to improve employee engagement and streamline overall human resource management. 


WORKMATES - A Company Intranet Employee Recognition Software

Workmates’ employee engagement software is an all-in-one platform that combines communication, engagement, rewards, and recognition. Workmate is an exclusive platform that completely transforms the company culture with features like announcements, pages, internal communication, Directories, and channels.  


Top-notch Features Offered by Workmates to Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

  • Campaign Manager
  • Internal Communication
  • Pulse Survey
  • Survey Builder
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Announcements
  • Real-time dashboard, and more. 


Enterprise Applications Leverage the Future of Employee Engagement Software


Today’s human resource management requires real-time and agile technology that enables them to create innovation within human resource activities and employee engagement strategies. This is where the Enterprise application development strategy comes into play by creating enterprise-grade SaaS products that maintain the day-to-day activities of the HR department and empowers the DNA (Employee engagement) of every organization.


About Author: 
Madhu Kesavan is the founder & CEO of W2S Solutions, a globally recognized enterprise software development company empowering the business operations and digital journey for enterprise and small-medium businesses. With 20+ years in the IT market, Madhu kesavan leverages technology and innovation to create a sustainable digital future for businesses. Connect Madhu on Linkedin.


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