Feb 20 2018

The Marriage of WOTC and Paperless Onboarding

Life can be sweet when amazing things go naturally together. Once you’ve enjoyed them, you can’t imagine living without them. Think about it for a minute.

Bread and butter. Coffee and cream. Bacon and eggs.

Simon and Garfunkel.

You can’t enjoy one without also wanting the other.

We recently discovered two more amazing things that go together. They go together so well, in fact, every employer should at least give them a try. I’m talking about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (aka WOTC, pronounced Watt-See) and paperless onboarding for new employees. They are a perfect match. They sing in perfect harmony. Let me tell you why.

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Feb 06 2018

Is Your Business Entitled to Incredible Tax Breaks For Staff Members You Are Already Hiring?

Ever feel like you’re overpaying on your company’s federal income taxes? Well, you just might be… The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to businesses who employ people from specific target groups and could be worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Research indicates that 10% - 20% of an average company’s workforce would have been eligible for the WOTC program without employers making any changes to personnel or their recruitment process. Meaning, if you’re not currently taking advantage of the WOTC, you’re leaving money on the table.

Read on to discover more about the WOTC and if it can benefit your company.

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